Three -point sexy underwear can eat milk open crotch

Three -point sexy underwear can eat milk open crotch

Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for modern women, and three -point erotic underwear has been favored by many women.This article will introduce you to the style, characteristics, characteristics and occasions and precautions suitable for wearing.

What is a three -point erotic underwear?

Three -point erotic underwear is a kind of underwear called "sexy". It is usually composed of two cup -shaped objects connected to the ribs and a T -shaped crotch.It is equivalent to a bra with no complete top, only bra cups and crotch.In many cases, it will have a menu store storage bag, so that you can better prevent the loss of items you need.In addition, the three -point erotic underwear also has various styles, which can meet the needs of different women.

Features of three -point sexy underwear

1. Disposal sexy and delicious lines

Three -point erotic underwear is one of the representatives of sexy underwear. Through the exposed style design, it can reveal the sexy lines of women.Its lower body design keeps in mind the needs of women’s sexual blessings, and can perform sex activities without taking off the underwear.At the same time, you can also reveal your tattoo and body decoration.

2. Applicable to various occasions

Whether it is a sex party or date, three -point sexy underwear can be your first choice.It is suitable for various occasions and activities, such as sexual supplies exhibitions, sexy evenings, sexy assistance, husband and wife life, and enjoying sex alone.For women who like to wear it to participate in sex gatherings, three -point sexy underwear is also an excellent choice.

3. Emphasize personality and fashion

The bright colors and unique design of the three -point sexy underwear emphasize the individuality and fashion of women.It can highlight the temperament and figure of women and make women more confident and charming.At the same time, three -point sexy underwear is also the choice of many models and fashion enthusiasts.Because it can bring more imagination and opportunities for free to play.

Precautions for wearing three -point sex lingerie

1. Select the right size

Women should pay attention to size problems when buying three -point sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the size of the three -point erotic underwear is not the same as the size of ordinary underwear.Therefore, women need to carefully compare the size of the size when buying, and choose the size that suits them.

2. Cooperate with other costumes

In terms of clothing, three -point sexy underwear usually needs to be used with other clothing, such as suspenders, transparent jackets, tight skirts and high heels.It is recommended to match it before wearing it to see if it can achieve sexy effects.

3. Follow cleaning and maintenance

When women wear three -point sexy underwear, they have to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.Especially those three -point sexy underwear for dry cleaning or dyeing need to pay special attention to maintenance.Women should not wash them directly with a brush or mop, let alone wash it with a washing machine.Instead, it should be washed and dried to avoid deformation.

Applicable occasions of three -point sexy underwear

1. Quotation

Three -point erotic underwear is one of the best costumes for sex gatherings.You can let yourself show sexy lines and enjoy collective stimuli.

2. Quotation game

Many couples like to choose erotic underwear in sex games. Three -point sex lingerie can become your first choice, making sex games more interesting.

3. Private party

Another occasion suitable for wearing a three -point sex underwear is a private party.Wearing a three -point erotic underwear can make you the sexiest person in the party.


Three -point sexy underwear is a sexy, stylish, multifunctional sexy underwear, suitable for many occasions and activities.The only problem of it is that you need to have certain self -confidence and courage.Also pay attention to size selection, matching and maintenance.If you want to pursue comfort, sexy and beautiful, then three -point sexy underwear is definitely your best choice.

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