Three -point style of hollowing fun underwear

What is a three -point three -point type of lingerie?

The three -point three -point style of hollowing funny underwear is a special sexy underwear. Unlike traditional sexy underwear. It uses a bold design. The bra and pants are only connected with a thin band, while the middle is hollowed out.It shows the sexy charm of women.

The origin and development of hollow design

The origin of the hollow design can be traced back to ancient times. At that time, women in the court and temples would wear skirts and tights with open mouths. These opening may not be as "bold" as modern sexy underwear, but it can also cause people’s reveries to imagineEssence

The three -point style of hollowing fun underwear has risen in modern times, starting from the initial bikini, and then gradually evolved, becoming one of the very popular sexy underwear today.

Sex of different materials of sexy underwear three -point

The materials used in the three -point use of hollowing fun underwear do not specify. Generally, sexy lace, transparent texture silk, and shiny artificial fiber, etc. The three -point underwear of different materials will give people different visual feelings.

How to match sexy?

Because the hollow design itself is very sexy, when matching, you can choose some simple and generous clothing, the purpose is to highlight the charm of the underwear itself.

Or on stage performances, private parties or Halloween, you can choose to match some sexy accessories, such as high heels, stockings, etc., which has a more fresh and touching atmosphere.

What are the cases?

The three -point charm of the hollow underwear is unstoppable whether it is on the art stage or private parties. Nowadays, many perspective and hollow clothes can be matched with it, strengthening sexy charm and making you more conspicuous on various occasions.

Pay attention to details

The three -point three -point style of hollowing fun underwear needs to pay attention to many details when wearing. For example, do not use poor quality materials, measure the accuracy of the size before buying, pay attention to other objects that do not touch the clothes when wearing.

What kind of underwear is suitable for people with different figures?

Because everyone’s body shape is different, the selected hollow sex lingerie three points should also be different. For example, a plump woman can choose a V -neck design. The style with a belt can highlight the waistline, and choosing the same color underwear can be better.Continue to look at.

How to clean it?

The three -point three -point type of lingerie need to be cleaned in a special method. It cannot be thrown into the washing machine like an ordinary underwear. It is best to wash the underwear in hand, use warm water and bleaching laundry liquid without chlorine laundry, use softly, use it to use, use it to useIt is better to dry like ordinary underwear.

You should have a set

The three -point three -point style of hollowing fun underwear is very sexy and charming, and has unparalleled charm. It is a weapon to increase women’s confidence and charm. Now it has become a must -have for many women.

How to buy good hollow sex lingerie three points?

In order to find the three -point three -point style of lingerie that is suitable for you, it is recommended to choose more reputable sexy underwear stores to avoid buying low -quality materials and underwear that is not suitable for your body. You can try it on or watch more to ensure quality and comfort.


Although the three -point three -point style of hollowing funny underwear is quite fashionable, you should pay attention to mastering the scale when you wear it. Do not wear too much exposure, so as not to leave a bad impression.At the same time, in daily life, you should also learn more to protect and care for yourself.

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