Three points of sexy underwear leakage

Three points of sexy underwear leakage

Interest underwear is a special women’s underwear. It is different from ordinary underwear. It pays more attention to sexy and tempting.However, due to its material and design characteristics, sexy underwear is also prone to some problems, such as leakage three points.The following is a specific analysis.

The first point: the material is not suitable

Some sexy underwear uses "sexy" as the first consideration of design. The materials used are often thin and transparent, which will increase the risk of leakage three points.At this time, consumers need to pay attention to choosing underwear suitable for their body. It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with good quality, comfortable feel, and soft fabric.

The second point: the size is inappropriate

If the size of the sexy underwear is inappropriate, it may cause three points of leakage if it is too large or too small.Too large underwear may not fill the chest full, and too small underwear will make the chest squeeze out.Therefore, it must be tailored before choosing a fun underwear to ensure that the size is appropriate.

Third point: Insufficient underwear craftsmanship

Some erotic underwear may have problems with insufficient craftsmanship, such as chaos, many lines, poor edges, etc. These factors may lead to "three points" of sexy underwear.Consumers need to pay attention to selecting good -looking sexy underwear, especially the edge must be done.

Fourth point: improper wear

Even the highest -level sexy underwear, improperly wearing will leak three points.When wearing, you must adjust the position of the underwear to ensure that the chest is just in the underwear cup. At the same time, pay attention to the matching of the underwear and the underwear to maintain the overall harmony.

Fifth point: improper underwear style

Different figures are suitable for different underwear styles. If you choose improperly, it is easy to cause the embarrassment of three points.For example, women with full breasts can choose to be close -up underwear, and women with smaller chests can choose underwear with thick coasters, which can effectively avoid the problem of leakage three points.

Sixth point: unsuitable occasion

The occasions of sexy underwear are relatively limited, and different types of underwear are also suitable for different occasions.If you choose improperly, there may be three missing problems.For example, transparent or lace sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in public, but only suitable for in private occasions.

Seventh point: no suitable underwear accessories

Many erotic underwear needs to be paired with some special accessories, such as pasted milk stickers, underwear stickers, etc. These accessories can effectively avoid leakage problems.If there are no accessories, don’t barely wear sexy underwear to avoid accidents.

Eighth point: unreasonable maintenance method

Maintenance of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to some details, such as not washing with hot water, sun exposure, rough washing methods, and so on.If improper maintenance, it will not only cause three points of leakage, but also affect the life of the underwear.

in conclusion

In order to avoid the problem of "three points" of sexy underwear, consumers need to consider many aspects, including materials, size, technology, styles, occasions, accessories, maintenance, and so on.Only in these aspects can we truly achieve "beautiful and confident".

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