Torn up sexy underwear novels

Part 1: Meeting for the first time

The start of the novel tells that the actor has met the heroine in a sexy lingerie store. The two have felt difficult to resist from the beginning of the meeting.The heroine was attracted by the black lace corset worn by the heroine, while the heroine was attracted by the actor’s handsome appearance.

Part 2: Further understand

Over time, the actor and the heroine began to understand each other more deeply, and became more and more aware of the sexy of each other.They began to explore each other’s body and found that their bodies gradually became more sensitive.

The third part: enthusiastic overflow

With the increase of enthusiasm and attractiveness between the two, they began to explore more exciting ways to satisfy each other.The heroine began to wear more sexy sexy underwear, such as purple hollow stockings, lace trousers with black lace underwear, etc. These clothing further caused the actor’s excitement and enthusiasm.

Part 4: Contradictions occur

However, when the enthusiasm between the two reached its climax, some contradictions began to emerge.The actor began to feel that the heroine’s dependence on the sexy underwear made him feel that he was not important enough, and the heroine thought that the actor was not enough to pay attention to his needs and lacked understanding of the importance of sexy underwear.

Part 5: Get rid of the predicament

Fortunately, the two eventually got rid of contradictions and dilemma.The heroine began to understand the needs of the actor, and also realized that sexy underwear is just a tool for enhancing sexual experience. The actor also began to pay more attention to the needs of the heroine and try to think from the perspective of women.

Part 6: Experience Upgrade

After dilemma, the sexual experience of the two reached a new height.They can already express each other’s needs more freely, and sex underwear has become a tool for enhancing experience, not the source of contradictions.

Part 7: Explore advanced

They started trying more sexy underwear, such as adult toys, lace dresses, etc.Each underwear has brought new experiences and stimuli, and they further understand each other’s body and explore more exciting ways.

Part 8: Re -ignite passion

Over time, the passion of the two has declined.But they did not give up, but looked for a new way to re -ignite passion.They tried some new sexy underwear, outing travel, and formulating new sex plans.These attempts make their sex closer and more exciting.

Part 9: Passion will never diminish

The passion of the two has not diminished, and it has been further improved in each attempt.They experienced deeper love and intimacy in sex, and sexy underwear and stimulus skills have become the field of joint exploration.

Part 10: Conclusion

This novel shows how sexy underwear becomes a tool in a relationship.When both are willing to try and understand each other’s sexual ability, sexy underwear can become a beautiful and fulfilling field.If the sexual relationship between you and the other half also encountered a bottleneck problem, why not try sexy underwear easily?

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