Tune sexy underwear suit stockings bundled


Interests of underwear and stockings are a very challenging training technique, which can bring unprecedented stimulus and pleasure.However, for beginners, such tuning is often prone to various accidents.This article will teach you how to use sexy underwear suits and stockings correctly to tie tunes to make your sex life more exciting and safe.

Buy the right sexy underwear suit and stockings

Buying suitable sexy underwear suits and stockings is a necessary job.First of all, sexy underwear suits and stockings must buy the size and style that suits you.Too small underwear and stockings can be oppressed by the body, and too large underwear and stockings cannot play a role in fixed and restraint.Secondly, choose a reliable and reliable sexy underwear and stockings to ensure that there will be no broken or other dangerous situations during use.

Prepare preparations

Before the tuning of sexy lingerie sets and stockings, you need to prepare enough preparations.First of all, it is necessary to confirm the scenes and time used to ensure that it will not be disturbed during use, and at the same time, we must take safety measures to ensure that there will be no harm.Secondly, oral and written communication can be performed in advance, so that the two parties can better understand each other’s needs and restrictions.

Correct binding of sexy underwear suits

The process of binding the sexy lingerie set needs carefulness and patience.First of all, you must choose the appropriate binding method and skills, such as fixing your eyes on the underwear, and using a rope or belt to fix underwear.Secondly, pay attention to the control of intensity. Do not be too tight or loose, otherwise it will affect the comfort and safety of the body.

Binding stockings correctly

The process of bundling stockings needs to be as careful and patient as bundling underwear, and also need to pay attention to the weakness of stockings.Under normal circumstances, you can cooperate with your hands and ropes to firmly tie your feet’s stockings together to play a role in tightening.

Correct movement and posture

After the bundle is completed, you also need to choose the right movement and posture to make the training more exciting and effective.You can try different postures and movements, such as lying down, sitting, standing, etc., and at the same time, you can also use auxiliary tools, such as handcuffs and handcuffs.

Give a security signal in time

Whether it is a beginner or an experienced, when the binding and tuning of the sex underwear suit and the stockings, the other party needs to give the other party a timely security signal.In the absence of any discomfort or fatigue, the agreed signal can be used to terminate the training to ensure the physical and mental health of both parties.

Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

After the tuning, the sexy underwear suits and stockings must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.During the cleaning process, the appropriate cleaner and method should be selected and completely disinfected.During the maintenance process, the underwear and stockings should be stored well to avoid moisture or exposed sunlight.


Interest underwear suits and stockings binding tuning are a technique full of challenges and excitement.Through the attention of the correct purchase, pre -preparation, binding, action and maintenance, the process of tuning can be safer and stimulated.At the same time, you must also keep a safe signal to the other party in time to ensure the physical and mental health of both parties.

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