Urgent recruitment of sexy underwear model several names

Urgent recruitment of sexy underwear model several names

At present, our company is looking for suitable models for the upcoming sexy lingerie products. In order to make our products better display and sell, we sincerely invite you with love, confidence, and passion to join us to create glory together.

Recruitment requirements

We have certain requirements for recruitment models, and we here are popular to everyone:

1. The age is between 18-30 years old, the body is well-proportioned, and the height is above 158cm;

2. Love the sexy underwear industry, have rich experience in sexy lingerie, experience and styling skills;

3. Requesting related activities such as attendance, exhibition, model show and other related activities;

4. Have strong communication skills, strong service awareness, good at handling various emergencies;

5. No bad habit, good image, legal identity document;

6. If you have any experience, our company will provide you with systematic training and guidance.


Our company will give a comprehensive consideration of various factors such as working hours, experience, performance and other factors of models to give salary with market competitiveness. At the same time, we will also set up different levels of bonus incentive mechanisms.Spokesperson.

Career prospect

As a sexy underwear model, you will have the opportunity to participate in the company’s product research and development, positioning, sales, etc., learn rich courses and skills, accumulate valuable experience and network resources, and will also expand your professional space.In the future, you will have the opportunity to hold higher -level management positions.

Job benefits

Our company provides comprehensive job benefits, as follows:

1. Provide excellent salary and benefit, monthly salary+performance bonus;

2. Regularly organize employee tourism and entertainment activities to provide welfare facilities such as parent -child cameras, gyms, etc.

3. Provide the annual experience plan and send it to Europe, the Americas, Australia and other places to observe and learn the local sex underwear industry;

4. Training institutions, amateur interest classes, meal stickers, travel subsidies and other benefits;

5. Sell products to enjoy employee discount discounts.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process of our company is as follows:

1. Registration online or resume delivery to indicate positions and personal information and contact information;

2. Interview, the company will organize professional interviews to test the image temperament of the model, wearing skills, and expression of talents;

3. Training, the company provides rich training courses for new employees to guide the model skills of models;

4. Work, new employees begin to work officially;

5. Evaluation, the company will conduct irregular evaluations of the model of models to provide reference for subsequent bonuses incentives.

Contact information

Interested parties, please submit your resume online to the company’s recruitment mailbox.We will arrange an interview as soon as possible, so do not go directly to the company to consult to avoid delaying progress.

Brand Concept

Our brand philosophy is "sexy, self -confidence, health, freedom".Divide language.We hope that every girl can have confidence and charm under our brand.

If you want to learn more about sexy lingerie or purchase men’s or sexy women’s underwear, you can visit our official website: https://melbournelingerie.com