Use sexy underwear between husband and wife

Good use of sexy underwear to enhance the relationship between husband and wife

In recent years, the application of erotic underwear in husband and wife’s life has been paid more and more attention.It can not only increase the fun of sex, but also enhance the interaction and communication between husband and wife.So, what are the benefits of using sex underwear between husband and wife?

1. Improve sexual experience

Sex underwear can bring a different sex experience to the husband and wife.The naked body can no longer inspire freshness, but sexy underwear can bring freshness and excitement to sex.Through different styles and materials, couples can try different sexual postures and methods to increase the tacit understanding and interaction between husband and wife.

2. Inspirational fantasy

Sex underwear can stimulate sexual fantasies and desires between husband and wife.It can wear the character and role of hope, such as sexy girls, nurses or police.Such a role -playing can not only create a romantic and charm atmosphere, but also allows couples to feel more emotional communication and psychological satisfaction in the process of sex.

3. Enhance self -confidence

Interest underwear allows women to enhance self -confidence in the process of sex.Because women are the more passive parties in the process of sex, many women will cause psychological depression and discomfort due to their own deficiencies.Wearing sexy erotic underwear allows women to show their wonderful figure and unique charm, making them more relaxed and confident in the process of sex.

4. Create a romantic atmosphere

Interest underwear can also allow couples to create a romantic atmosphere.Husbands and wives can buy sexy underwear together, try different styles and colors, and add each other’s taste and romance.This can also be a sexy activity between husband and wife, making feelings closer.

5. Improve skin condition

Some sexy underwear materials can have a positive impact on the skin.For example, some styles of underwear can promote blood circulation and improve skin state; underwear of some materials can make the skin breathe more smoothly and maintain the humidity and elasticity of the skin.In this way, couples can also achieve a health effect while enjoying sex.

6. Improve the natural excretion of the body

Many sexy underwear uses natural cotton materials, which can help the body naturally excrete toxins and waste.This natural excretion also has great benefits for the physical health of the couples. It can maintain the water balance in the body, enhance the immune function, and achieve the effect of detoxification of the body.

7. Improve sexual safety

Sex underwear can also improve sexual safety.Due to the exchange of body liquid during sex, some sexy underwear can help couples to partition the exchange of body liquid and reduce the risk of sexual transmission diseases.This can not only ensure the health of the husband and wife, but also make the couples rest assured to enjoy the fun of sex.

8. Find a sense of joy

Couple wearing sexy underwear can find more pleasure in sexual life.The communication and interaction between husband and wife can not only make sexual life more exciting, but also bring more emotional communication and satisfaction.In this way, the relationship between husband and wife will be more firm and sex will be more complete.

in conclusion

Using sexy underwear between husband and wife can enhance the interaction and communication between husband and wife, enhance sexual experience, stimulate sexual fantasy and self -confidence, create a romantic atmosphere, improve skin condition, improve the natural excretion of the body, improve sexual safety, find more sense of joy, etc.Promotion.Therefore, sexy underwear has become an indispensable element in sex life.As long as the husband and wife can use sexy underwear in the correct way, they can get a better sexual life experience.

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