V -character sex underwear show video

What is V -character sexual sheet

In the fashion industry, V -character -fled underwear has always been a highly sought -after passion underwear. The V -shaped li text is designed as high -waisted design, which is V -shaped from the female’s back and crotch to the upper shape.

Who are suitable

Suitable for women with less full breasts. Due to the design of the steel circle under the chest, it can effectively hold the shape of the chest and the chest. Especially for people without a pair of breasts and poor breasts, they can wear sponsorship figures.Enhance your sexy charm.

Material selection

The fabric of the V -character lingerie should usually be comfortable silk or dry and breathable cotton material, so that my skin can fully breathe and prevent skin diseases and other diseases caused by excessive sweating.

Choice of different sizes

When choosing a V – -shaped sex underwear, the size is very important.You need to clarify your own body size and compare with the size table, choose the right size.If the size is inappropriate, it will affect the beauty of the entire underwear.

Attract eye -catching

In addition to the upgrade and beautification of women’s figures, V -character sex underwear can also effectively attract men’s attention and increase charm. After wearing V -shaped li text, after wearing V -shaped li text, it is like wearing self -confidence and publicity on themselves.Clinical robe.

Color choice

Color is also very important for our women. For V -character sex underwear, there are many color choices, and all kinds of colors are very beautiful and sexy. Usually popular colors such as black, red, pink, lace white, purple, purple, purpleWait for the color, you can choose according to your preferences.

Selection of the occasion

If you want a Xiaoxiu, you can choose a leisurely, warm and romantic environment to add different seasonings to the lives of couples. You can also show up when you are in your own home to make yourself more confident and sexy.

Different from his sexy underwear

Compared with other sexy underwear, the fabric of V -character sexy underwear is more comfortable, and the special materials wrapped in the body are also smoother, soft and thin. It brings infinite sense of freedom and comfort to the body.And beauty.

How to maintain

In the process of using sex underwear, you must pay attention to maintenance.It is best to use a neutral cleaning solution with a neutral cleaning lingerie. Do not use bleach water, cleaning powder and extraction washing machine for cleaning. It cannot be squeezed thickly, and it cannot be washed with high temperature water. It can not be exposed.After washing, rinse with water, dry it quickly or drip it naturally. Do not dry it with a hot fan or dryer, and you cannot use an iron.


In summary, V -character -fled underwear can not only greatly enhance women’s personal charm, but also allow women to experience unique self -confidence and sexy when wearing, but at the same time, pay attention to the selection and maintenance of the size. Only in this way.Only the best results will be obtained in the process.

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