Various styles of sexy underwear

1. lace underwear

Lace underwear is a sexy underwear based on lace lace.Its design is exquisite, soft, comfortable to touch, and good breathability, allowing your skin to breathe naturally, making you more sexy and romantic.There are many different styles of lace underwear, such as lace bra, lace briefs.

2. Stockings suit

Stockings suits are a sexy lingerie suit that involves the whole body. It includes stockings, gloves and headdress.Stockings suits can be transparent or black or other colors.It can show your small waist, hips and slender leg curves, making your figure more perfect.

3. Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a sexy underwear with leather as the design element.It makes you look more romantic and sexy, and leather underwear is widely used in SM sex occasions.Leather underwear is suitable for people with adventure, and can make the body feel more.

4. Tulle shell

Type underwear is a transparent sexy underwear, allowing people to see the curve of the body.This sexy underwear includes different styles such as jackets, pajamas and tops.Type underwear is usually comfortable, light, breathable, soft, transparent, and easily taken off and charming.

5. Thicked underwear

Thick underwear is a kind of sexy underwear with a thick design.It can keep your body warm in cold weather, making you feel more comfortable.Thicked underwear can have a variety of different designs, such as sports elements, teasing, and they are usually made of styles that can be worn alone.

6. Ultra -thin underwear

Ultra -thin underwear is a transparent tulle material sexy underwear.It is very breathable and soft and smooth.Ultra -thin underwear can make you feel that there is no burden, and sometimes you feel that you don’t wear underwear.Ultra -thin underwear is usually designed as hollow and transparent lace, making you look more attractive.

7. Stakes

Stockings are an attachment widely used in women’s sexy underwear.It can be easily used with stockings and tie the stockings firmly on the waist or thigh.The design of the sling underwear will make you look more sexy and attractive, and it can also play a role in exercising the hip muscles.

8. Larger underwear

Abdominal underwear is a rare lingerie with rubber material. Because of its special material, it can make your belly more flat.This erotic underwear is considered an important factor when it is designed: it cannot tighten the fat in the belly or waist.The tightness and comfort of the abdominal underwear must ensure a balance.

9. Open underwear

Opening underwear is a very special sexy underwear.Its design is exquisite, and the bra is usually designed with silicone and designed.The design of the open underwear is extremely humane. It is ready to accept your love at any time. The open design can keep your contact with your partner direct skin and let your body temperature pass on to each other.

10. Wiring underwear

Wiring underwear is a sexy underwear similar to restraint props.It has the characteristics of tightness, binding, and restrictions. The elasticity of the material is used to make your chest more fit with the body, making the chest lines more beautiful, and play a role in locking the body and irritating in the process of sex.

In short, different erotic underwear represents different personalities and styles.No matter which sex underwear you choose, they can make you more confident and charm in love.Consumers should choose the right sexy underwear based on their figure and style, and share a beautiful love life.

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