Video of sexy underwear cakes

Introduction: Video of Fun Underwear Cake Practice Video

Making baking cake is a fun activity, not to mention adding the elements of sexy underwear, and it can give this activity more creativity and challenges.Below I will share a video of a sexy underwear cake, hoping that it can bring infinite inspiration to your baking road.

Step 1: Preparation

First, prepare all the ingredients and tools, including cake powder, sugar, cream, eggs, milk, baking trays, oven gloves, etc.

Step 2: Mixed Materials

Mix cake powder, sugar, eggs, milk and other ingredients evenly, and stir until smooth egg paste.This step requires a mixer or a stirring rod. The time should not be too long to avoid excessive mixing.

Step 3: Inject cream

Next, inject the cream into the mixed egg paste and stir again.Cream can make the egg paste softer and sweet.

Step 4: baking pan oil

Before starting the cake, apply a thin layer of oil to the inside of the baking sheet to avoid sticking to the cake on the baking sheet.You can use a brush or paper towel to complete this step.

Step 5: Baked cake

Pour the mixed egg paste into the baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven.The specific time and temperature need to be set according to the specified recipe.

Step 6: Make sexy underwear decoration

After the cake is baked, you can start making the decoration of sexy underwear.Some commonly used materials include frosting, sugar paper, chocolate, etc.The clever combination of these materials can make a creative and artistic sexy underwear decorative pattern.

Step 7: Coloring and light

Finally, the sexy underwear cake is colored and glowed.You can use tools such as a brush or sprayer to apply the color of the cake surface with fruit or chocolate flavor to create a more seductive visual effect.

Step 8: Enjoy delicious

After all the steps are completed, the last is to enjoy this delicious sexy underwear cake.Share it with your lover or friends and taste this creative baking work together.


It should be noted that when making sexy underwear cakes, you must pay attention to hygiene and food safety.Adding sex underwear elements can increase the fun and creativity of this baking, but also ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

in conclusion

Making sexy underwear cakes is a creative and interesting event. Through this process, we can exercise our imagination and creativity, and at the same time enjoy the delicious food.I hope this approach can bring you more inspiration and happiness.

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