Wear different sexy underwear every day to work

Wear different sexy underwear every day to work

Today’s women wearing interesting underwear are not just a symbol of sexy functions. It has become a special landscape of a woman’s beautiful heart, and wearing erotic underwear helps to promote self -confidence.But in fact, many women are afraid of wearing sex underwear at work. They may think that sexy underwear is a mysterious and closed thing, but if you wear different erotic lingerie every day to work, it will greatly enhance your personality charm.Therefore, this article provides you with some skills and suggestions for working in sexy underwear.

1. Clarify the nature of the company’s culture

Before going to work, it is recommended that you understand the nature of the company’s culture. You can see the clue through the dress of the company and colleagues to determine whether the company’s attitude towards wearing and dressing is open, so as to decide whether to wear sex underwear at work.

2. Wear comfortable sexy underwear

It is very important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear. You can’t feel uncomfortable because you wear sexy.Therefore, when choosing, you must pay attention to breathability, elasticity and comfort, and choose materials with high quality and good elasticity, so that you will be more comfortable to wear.

3. Hidden underwear in unconventional parts

The unconventional ministry refers to a large number of bare, such as shoulders, busts, backs, etc. This requires different types of sexy underwear.You can choose a T -shaped strap underwear/low -cut underwear, which is hidden directly under the clothes without affecting the dress, but adding sexy and mystery.

4. Selection of color

It is important to choose the color that suits you. Women with light -colored skin can choose bright colors, such as red, pink, etc., while women with dark skin can choose dark tone sexy underwear.

5. The bottom of the bottom

The correct bottom dressing is also a key factor affecting the effect of dressing.It is recommended to choose the underwear and shoes that are suitable for your body, and make a certain match with the sexy underwear. The whole dress will be more high -end and sexy.

6. Steam ironing underwear

Any underwear must be ironed to make it more beautiful when wearing it.Especially in sex underwear, because the size of the size is different, if it is not used to organize it, it will make it very bloated to wear.


Some erotic underwear are designed to achieve sexy effects. Therefore, when choosing, you must pay attention to whether the gap is hidden and avoid being noticed or exposed when wearing.

8. Don’t wear the sexy underwear of dew

When working at work, avoid wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose some classic and small styles, which can maintain sexy and avoid impressions of impressions.

Nine. Choose suitable occasions

According to the nature of the occasion, choose the appropriate sexy underwear.For example, some formal occasions are not suitable for wearing over -exposed sexy underwear, but you can choose more elegant and restrained styles.

10. Summary

To work in sexy underwear, you need to consider from many aspects to comprehensively choose some sexy and elegant styles.Of course, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is more important to consider factors such as personal character, body and dress style, which can show the beautiful figure and not to give colleagues wrong.

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