Wear sex underwear and then wear skirts to go out

Wear sex underwear and then wear skirts to go out

Women wearing sex underwear hope that they can have confidence and charm after wearing these sexy, beautiful and sometimes gender -specific clothing.Of course, choosing the right sexy underwear is also crucial.However, when wearing sexy underwear out, the focus of pursuit is still comfortable, confident and beauty, so we need to pay attention to some details.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

When choosing a sexy underwear, the key is to choose a style suitable for your body shape and style.Different styles are suitable for different situations and occasions.For example, wearing tight -fitting underwear with stretching effects can have a body shaping effect.However, for obese women, suitable for loose sexy underwear, this sexy underwear can cover physical defects and make you feel more confident.

Choose the right color

It is important to choose sexy underwear suitable for your skin tone and hair color.If you have a lighter skin tone, it is recommended to choose soft colors, such as light pink, light blue or light soft yellow.And if you have a darker complexion, you can try some darker colors, such as dark red, dark green or dark purple.In addition, choose a sexy underwear that matches your hair color or skin color, which will make your overall feel more harmonious.

With the right skirt

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the appropriate skirt.Choosing the right skirt can increase the beauty of sexy underwear.Sometimes, long skirts and sexy underwear make women look more elegant, and the matching of short skirts will be more sexy.But please note that this kind of combination should not show too much skin in public.

Select the right pattern

The style of sexy underwear also has different patterns to choose from.This depends on your personality, preferences and occasions.For example, the texture of the erotic lingerie is suitable for people with vitality, and the red erotic underwear is suitable for people with more independent personality and vibrant personality.

Pay attention to the comfort of wearing

No matter where you go, you must ensure comfort after wearing a sexy underwear.In addition, if you need to wear a skirt on the outside of the sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to the comfort of the skirt.After wearing a sexy underwear, friction may occur between the skin and clothing. A large number of photos should be taken during concentrated operations or a lot of exercise.

Protect your privacy

You may feel very sexy when wearing sexy underwear, but you must also consider the protection of privacy.Before wearing sexy underwear to enter public places, it is recommended to replace other underwear.If you want to attract others in some way, you can wear sexy underwear in your room instead of in public.

Correct washing method

Pay attention to washing in sexy underwear.Interest underwear should not be washed with a washing machine, let alone a strong detergent.It is best to wash your hands, or rinse underwear gently with warm water.Choosing the right washing method can extend the life of the sexy underwear.

Combined with the overall shape

When wearing sexy underwear out, be sure to combine the design of sexy underwear into the overall shape.We can choose some sexy underwear with similar colors, which are usually compared with the color of other items, which can make the whole shape more vivid.In addition, you can also match the more stable small leather boots or a classic black umbrella on the outside of the fluorescent underwear, adding some mystery.


After wearing a sexy underwear, women can feel confident and charm during walking.However, we should use sexy underwear rationally. We don’t need to rely entirely on sexy underwear to show our beauty and sexy, because these are self -confidence, charm and personality.Suitable sexy underwear will make us feel comfortable, not ashamed, and will not lose dignity and comfort.More and more women have realized the charm of sexy underwear and incorporated them into their wardrobe.

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