Wear sex underwear by C to a climax text

I was holding a joke, and I once laughed at a sexy girlfriend and said, "You will be more charming when you put on sexy underwear!" Unexpectedly, she really put on me.She said, "Don’t just talk about it, you can really know it. We will be closer to doing so."

1. Start wearing a sexy sheet

I started wearing sexy underwear in a somewhat nervous manner.Its elasticity is particularly good, it can adapt to almost all figures, and the material is very soft, making me feel that it is not tight at all.

2. It is very comfortable to wear

Because of its softness and elasticity, I can walk around and sit down freely, and the comfort is high.The details of the underwear are also very fine, especially the treatment of lace and lace, which highlights the beauty of women.

3. It encourages physical limbs to contact

Wearing a sexy underwear, our body is particularly fit.It not only stimulated my vision, but also made me more willing to come in some physical contact with my girlfriend.

4. There are many types, suitable for various scenarios

There are many sexy underwear brands, and there are various occasions and styles.There are sexy fish nets, low -cut waist models, sexy lace models, and so on.Suitable for different figures, temperament and occasions.

5. Different colors pass different information

In addition to the different styles and styles, there are also unique design in color.For example, red is the color of enthusiasm, love, and excitement, which can stimulate desire; purple is a mysterious, noble, elegant color, suitable for women with temperament.

6. Falling underwear makes me feel the beauty of women

Putting on sex underwear, the body’s body curve is more seductive, making me feel more beautiful.I can’t help but think of a sentence in the legend of Meng Po Tang: "Be a man who knows how to appreciate the beauty of women."

7. Quickly cause sexual desire

Less than a minute after wearing a sexy underwear, my sexual desire was quickly detonated.Sex underwear stimulates the physiological conditions of people through visual and tactile channels to effectively release sexual desire.

8. Instead underwear highlights female charm

When women wear sexy underwear, they seem to be more confident than usual, their eyes are more charming, and their smart physical limbs can show their charm, which makes people irresistible.

9. The importance of sexy underwear cannot be ignored

Putting on sex underwear can inspire the body’s sex hormones and make the interest better.Wearing erotic underwear has also become a part of modern hygiene habits, making sexual life more hygienic and healthy.

Before the end, I want to say, "Only by wearing a fun underwear can we better appreciate its benefits. I hope everyone can try it and feel the magical effect it brings."

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