Wear sex underwear from wei

Wear sex underwear from wei

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear. It aims to stimulate the body’s feeling, improve sexual experience, and let people experience themselves deeper.Wearing erotic underwear can enhance self -awareness and self -confidence, which is very important for self -confidence and happiness.However, how to choose and wear sexy underwear correctly is a challenging question.This article will introduce some suggestions about wearing erotic underwear to help readers.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

There are many fun underwear styles, and people of various figures can find the right style.However, choosing the correct underwear style may be difficult.In order to find a style that suits you, it is best to understand your body first and determine what type of style you need.If you are fat people, you can choose a dark -colored style to avoid too gorgeous, and thin people can try a strong style with a strong knee -length restraint.

Find a balance between comfort and sexy

Comfort and sexy are factors that need to be considered when wearing sexy underwear.Finding the balance between the two will make the wear more comfortable.The fabric of the sexy underwear itself should be soft and smooth, making you feel comfortable.Moreover, do not choose too tight underwear styles, otherwise wearing will be uncomfortable.

Different occasions need different sexy underwear

Whether in daily life or special occasions, wearing sexy underwear will make you feel comfortable and confident.However, choose sexy underwear suitable for occasions and atmosphere.In daily life, you can choose sexy underwear with relatively lively colors and relatively conservative styles; on dating or special occasions, you can selectively selectively sexy and design more strange styles.

The influence of underwear color on the wearer

Different colors have different emotional meanings.For example, black is considered a very sexy, mysterious color, red is a bold and leading color, while white is a pure color.When wearing sexy underwear, we should choose the appropriate color as needed.For example, if you want to convey sexy and mystery, you can choose black. If you want to show bold and majestic, you can choose red.

Accessories can improve the atmosphere of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only underwear, but also can be paired with various accessories, such as socks, gloves, headwear, etc. to improve the atmosphere.With a set of unique erotic underwear suits, you can show yourself more confidently.It is recommended to choose accessories that match the underwear style and color, so that the entire effect will be more coordinated.

Size selection should be accurate

If the underwear size is too large or too small, it will affect comfort and sexy.So it is important to choose underwear with the right size.Before buying a new sexy underwear, you must check your size and select the appropriate size according to the size watch.If you can’t find a suitable size, try some customized sexy underwear.

Maintenance and cleanliness sexy underwear

Sex underwear is high -end underwear, and it also needs additional attention and maintenance.When cleaning the erotic underwear, it is best to use warm water and soft cleaners, and wash ¥ at hand to avoid using strong brushes and excessive strength to avoid damaging fabrics.In addition, after washing, you need to pay attention to avoid sunlight and keep dry and ventilated.

Wearing sex underwear requires courage

It takes courage to wear sex underwear, which indicates that you are willing to cross the comfort zone and try some new experiences.But not everyone needs to wear sexy underwear, depending on personal hobbies.We still need to respect our own feelings and attitudes. If we feel that wearing sexy underwear will make ourselves uncomfortable, we should not wear it.Therefore, when you choose to wear underwear, please choose carefully and choose a balance according to your actual needs.


Wearing sex underwear is a very personal thing, and everyone has their own choices and preferences.When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to consider our own needs, and match them according to various factors such as underwear style, color and accessories. In the end, we must find a comfortable, sexy and natural state.Wearing a sexy underwear requires courage and confidence. Only under the right circumstances, try to allow us to achieve higher enjoyment in sexual experience.

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