Wear sex underwear in the bathroom, slap in the bathroom


Whether for men or women, wearing sexy underwear is an exciting thing.And if you put on them in the bathroom, it is even more exciting.This article will introduce some skills and attention of wearing a fun underwear in the bathroom.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different styles and materials are suitable for different figures and shapes.For example, if your chest is small, choose a lingerie with thick coasters or pads to create a better effect; if your buttocks are small, choose a wrinkled or sequined underwear to enhance your curve beauty.In addition, the style of sexy underwear can also be selected according to different fun, so that you can more meet your needs and expectations in the atmosphere.

Correct care and maintenance of sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy lingerie, we should not forget the correct care and maintenance.Different materials require different nursing methods.If the silk underwear needs to be soaked with cold water, dry it after half dry, and avoid direct sunlight; and cotton underwear can be washed with conventional washing machines.In addition, the underwear should be stacked after drying, and the moisture -proof agent can be placed in the underwear drawer to keep dry.This can not only extend the life of underwear, but also help the next use.

Create of the bathroom environment

The atmosphere in the bathroom should be able to promote the relaxation of the body.You can try to install some crystal lights to make the light softer; put some fragrant fragrance candles to make the fragrance full of bathrooms; at the same time, play some romantic music to make the whole atmosphere more romantic, and can also improve sexual desires and stimulate emotions.

Makeup and hairstyles need to be simple and natural

To keep the makeup and hairstyle a more subtle, it will make the presentation feel more charming.You can choose not too gorgeous, natural makeup and soft curly hair makeup.For men, some elegant perfumes and transparent foams will also wear sexy underwear to create a more charming effect.

Use suitable lubricating oil

Use lubricant to make sex more pleasant and comfortable.But the choice of lubricating oil is important because some lubricating oil can damage the material and texture of the sexy underwear.Choosing water -based lubricating oil or silicon -based lubricant will be a safer and effective choice.In addition, if you use silicon -based lubricants, pay attention to oil pollution in the bathtub and other places.

Enjoy the friction of sexy underwear

The friction of sexy underwear will be part of the sexual life experience.For example, wearing net pants or satin underwear will also have a different friction experience in the past.At the same time, you can also try to apply lubricating oil on your chest or nipple to enhance the feeling of friction.

Try a new posture

Sex underwear can also inspire your creativity.You can try some pose that cannot be completed in bed, such as to complete new posture with the help of bathtubs and walls to enhance the fun of popping.

Small mood fun underwear falls off

Although sexy underwear has a special effect in the process of sex, it may still fall off.Especially special sexy sexy underwear such as conjoined and open crotch underwear should pay particular attention to whether the size is correct and whether it is fixed.

Finally, safety first

Finally, we should remind everyone that when you are popping, do not forget safety.Constitution is an indispensable protective measure. Each sex should be used.At the same time, pay attention not to drink too much or use drugs to avoid affecting judgment and consciousness.


Wearing a sexy underwear in the bathroom can add new stimuli, fun and change to sexual life.However, in the process of enjoying sexual interest, pay attention to the details of your safety, the maintenance of sexy underwear in order to provide a guarantee for better sexual experience.

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