Wear sex underwear on the street video

Wear sex underwear on the street video

Every girl wants to stand out in the crowd and let others notice their existence.A method of dressing has become popular recently, that is, wearing sexy underwear in public.This method of dressing has caused a lot of controversy in the fashion circle.In this article, we will explore the cultural phenomenon and wearing skills of wearing sexy underwear on the street.

Wearing sex underwear on the street is not a new phenomenon

Historically, women have always liked to wear sexy clothes to attract men’s attention.It is not a new phenomenon to wear sexy underwear.However, more and more girls are now trying to try this way.This method of dressing conveys a female self -confidence and independence, because they are confident in their bodies and charm.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

You need to choose a style that suits you on the street.Different figures and styles require different styles, so it takes a certain time to choose.Choosing a style that suits you is the key to wearing sexy underwear, and you also need to know the difference between the colors and fabrics of different erotic underwear to ensure that you can adapt to this way of dressing well.

The choice of transportation is also important

If you want to go shopping in the condition of wearing a sexy underwear, it is also important to choose a transportation.Riding a bicycle or a bus is not the best choice.Try to choose a car, because this will allow you to act more comfortably and better protect your privacy.

Master the occasion and time

Pay attention to occasions and time in sexy underwear on the street.Different occasions need to be different, so different sexy underwear needs to be paired.In addition, if you want to wear sexy underwear to work or participate in formal occasions, then this method of dressing may not be appropriate.

Choose shoes that suits you

Shoes are also an essential part of wearing sexy underwear on the street.Choosing shoes that suits you can make you more confident and also protect your feet.Try to wear comfortable shoes as much as possible so that you can wear sexy underwear more comfortably.

Appropriate makeup is necessary

When you are wearing a sexy underwear to the street, appropriate makeup is also an important part.Makeup can make you look more confident and improve your temperament.When you make up, you need to consider the sexy underwear you wear and your skin color.

Don’t get rid of the routine

Keep in mind that when wearing sexy underwear on the street, don’t get rid of the routine.If you are too exaggerated, it may make others feel uncomfortable.It is an artistic form to wear sexy underwear on the street. It needs to be completed in appropriate occasions, appropriate time, and appropriate atmosphere.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear on the street is indeed a way of dressing that causes controversy, but it is also a way to express self and confidence.Try this way of dressing, you need to pay attention to the right style, place, time, and occasion, and match the appropriate shoes and makeup.If you want to try this way of dressing, make sure your self -confidence, do not get rid of the routine, otherwise it may cause dislike.

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