Wear sex underwear security inspection

Wearing a sex underwear and safety inspection guide

Wearing a sexy underwear is a personal habit of many women, but during security checks, they will be stared at by security inspectors because they wear sexy underwear, bringing great discomfort to themselves.Today, let’s introduce some guidelines for wearing erotic underwear for security inspection.

Choose the right style

Choosing the right sexy lingerie style can make you easier during security checks.It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear without a metal part, so as to avoid misjudgment during security checks.For some sexy underwear with alien metals or folds, we also need to consider that security personnel may need to check more carefully.

Materials meet the requirements

Only the materials that meet the security check can pass security inspection.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose the material that meets the security requirements.It is not recommended to choose a light and transparent material, because it is not only difficult to pass security inspection, but also make people feel embarrassed.

Avoid being too exposed

Although sexy underwear is sexy and exposed as the main selling point, the security process needs to be considered when wearing.Too exposed erotic underwear will not only cause doubts of security personnel, but also make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a moderate exposed style.

Try to avoid fancy jewelry

Although fancy jewelry can make the sexy underwear more beautiful, too much accessories can cause trouble for security checks.Therefore, try to avoid fancy jewelry during security inspection. If there are necessary accessories on the sexy underwear, you can explain it in advance.

Put the fun underwear in the bag

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you can put the erotic underwear in the bag. In this way, you can take out the sexy underwear during security check to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the misjudgment of the security check.

Actively assist in security inspection staff

During the security check, if the security personnel have any questions or need to check more carefully, they can actively assist the security inspection personnel to explain the styles and materials of sexy underwear, while maintaining sedation and avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes.

Listen to the requirements of security inspection personnel

During the security check, if the security personnel asked you to take off the sexy underwear for inspection, it is recommended to obey the requirements of the security inspection personnel.This can not only avoid unnecessary trouble, but also make the entire security process more smooth.

Look rationally looking at erotic mask

Finally, we need to look at sex underwear rationally.Although sexy underwear is a personal habit of many women, it also needs to be displayed on appropriate occasions and methods.


The above is the guide to wearing a security underwear security inspection.Choose the right style and material to avoid excessive exposure and fancy jewelry, actively assist security personnel, and look at sexy underwear rationally. These are where you need to pay attention to the interesting lingerie safety inspection.I hope this article can help you.

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