Wear sex underwear shopping novels

Wear sex underwear shopping novels

In each woman’s wardrobe, there should be interesting underwear.Not only because it is an elegant and sexy display, but also because when shopping, wearing sexy underwear will make the whole person more confident and colorful.Next, I will share my shopping novels for everyone, so that you can learn more about how to wear sexy underwear and shopping.

1. Comfort is the key

When you want to go shopping in sexy lingerie, you must first consider comfort.In order to maintain a beautiful posture, don’t just value the beauty of the appearance and ignore the texture and adaptability of wearing.Choose the soft, breathable and comfortable sexy underwear to make your shopping journey more pleasant.

2. The combination of styles and skin tone

When choosing a sexy underwear style, consider skin tone.If your skin color is dull, you may wish to choose light -colored sexy underwear, which will look fair and more energetic.For girls with lighter skin tone, dark sexy underwear is more suitable.

3. The combination of sexy underwear and outer clothing

Different styles of sexy underwear are also matched with different clothes.For example, V -shaped or Y -shaped sexy underwear can be worn with V -neck or U -neck clothes.The H -form underwear is very suitable for wearing tight pants or skirts.In addition, you can also choose to match the dress with the skirt. Under this costume, the waist will look more slender and the curve is more beautiful.

4. Choice of shopping style

If you want to wear sexy underwear to participate in shopping, you can choose a more casual and loose dress.The vest or loose T -shirt is a very good choice.Of course, you can also choose a variety of elements printed with flowers, patterns, and color blocks to make the whole person look more vibrant.

5. Use accessories to increase personality

Sex underwear can also use appropriate accessories to show personality.For example, with a silver neck chain or white earrings, it is a very good choice.In this way, it can not only supplement the whole person’s temperament, but also play a role in sexy underwear accessories.

6. Style should be consistent with personality

No matter which style or style of sexy underwear you choose, you must consider it in line with your personality.If you are a girl who likes to dress low -key, you can choose a relatively simple style.And if you like variant, you may wish to choose some bright, printed, cute or pleasing styles.

7. Avoid the situation

Although sexy underwear can be used as a dress for leisure to wear, there are still some occasions that are not suitable for dressing.For example, if you want to participate in formal occasions, wearing sexy underwear may cause discomfort and dislike of others.In addition, it is inappropriate to wear sexy underwear in the workplace.

8. Storage care

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the issue of storage care.Avoid hanging erotic underwear under the direct sunlight, and also avoid using soap or other chemical cleaners when wearing.In addition, the material of the sexy underwear also has a certain sensitivity. Do not clean it with other items.

Viewpoint: Wearing sexy lingerie shopping can not only increase personal charm, but also make yourself more confident and colorful.However, you must pay attention to your body shape, skin color, and clothing with outer clothing before wearing.Remember to keep comfortable so that you can enjoy the entire shopping process!

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