Wear sex underwear to the underwear shop

Wear sex underwear to the underwear shop

Lazy weekend afternoon, you suddenly want to buy some new underwear to update your wardrobe.However, this time the shopping experience is different.You decided to wear sexy underwear to the underwear shop.If you are trying for the first time, or just feel a little worried about this, then this article will solve some concerns for you.

1. The benefits of wearing sex underwear

Wearing a sexy sexy underwear will make you feel confident and beautiful, which will be reflected in your facial expression, posture and self -confidence.At the same time, it also evokes your senses and adds more fun to shopping, making you more keenly observe and feel every clothing.

2. Select styles

Different erotic underwear is suitable for different clothes.For example, if you want to buy a vest or a low -cut dress, you need to prepare a low V -neck sexy underwear, or pull out the style with a deep V curve.If it is a T -shirt or sportswear, we recommend that you choose the shoulder -free bra.Similarly, if you wear jeans and underwear, you must choose a low waist.

3. Material selection

In the dazzling erotic lingerie, materials are often the key.Everyone’s skin has different sensitivity to materials, so pay attention to their reactions when choosing materials.At the same time, the quality of the material also significantly affects comfort and persistence.

4. Size measurement

Be sure to quote your size when buying sex underwear.In the store, many salespersons are willing to help others and provide professional concerns.If you are inconvenient to ask them for help, you can also measure your size according to the trial rules.

5. style selection

Specific to different styles, suitable for different occasions.You can choose a full and tightly covered style, or a style with clear lines and reduced pressure.Of course, there are many tangible, customized, and self -cultivation styles that can be selected according to personal needs.

6. Reference celebrity demonstration

If you still have doubts, you can refer to the demonstration that many celebrities bring you.For example, Rachel Brightley is an enthusiastic enthusiast of sexy underwear and wore them before entering the test room.Celebrities like her dare to wear sexy underwear to the store, indicating that you don’t have to worry too much.

7. Pay attention to dress

When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the display and respect of outsiders.It is recommended to put on a jacket or a stronger underwear to balance the feeling of dress.In addition, pay attention to the appropriateness of the occasion, for example, do not go shopping in sexy lingerie near the company or at the entrance of the school.

8. Accept different reactions

When you go out of the store or wear a diverse sexy underwear home, you will feel the strange vision of the outside world.Let yourself accept this reaction and maintain healthy and confident, because this doubt or doubtful eyes are actually caused by different reactions from others and you.

Viewpoint: Underwear is an essential part of our daily life.Wearing a sexy lingerie to go to the underwear shop to buy, not only can we make us full of self -confidence and sexy charm, but also help us find the most suitable underwear, make women more confident and charming.

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