Wearing a sexy underwear is true

Wearing a sexy underwear is true

As a seasoning in the life of husband and wife, sexy underwear is increasingly loved by female friends.How to choose a pattern underwear, let’s take a look together.

1. European and American style

European and American sexy underwear is sexy, bold, perspective, lace, embroidery and other characteristics.It aims to create a sexy and charming female image.Among them, the most representative is all kinds of surprisingly victorious lace underwear.The bold perspective design, coupled with the details of lace floral, can make you go wherever you go.

2. Japanese and Korean style

Japanese and Korean sexy underwear is more fresh and cute compared to European and American sexy underwear.In design, it pays more attention to the cuteness of women, pursuing nature, simplicity, and intimate, showing women’s unique charm on the basis of ensuring comfort.The edge of solid color, lace and lotus leaf is a typical design element.

3. Skillly comfortable

The most important thing is comfort, after all, it is close clothes.It is particularly important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear to maintain a comfortable state.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the width and material of the hem to avoid excessively tight design to make the body fat and uncoordinated.

4. Elastic fabric

The current sex lingerie is often based on elastic fabrics, which can improve women’s figure and body.The elastic fabric can be pasted on the body well, showing good body lines, and continuous effects.

5. Material selection

In terms of material selection, you can choose long cotton or denim cloth material underwear.These types of materials can modify the body curve while soft and comfortable, and at the same time, full of temperament, deep and natural.

6. Follow -built underwear

In addition to the external characteristics such as perspective and boldness, functional underwear is also popular with women.For example, the front buckle underwear, although the design looks more conservative, can well highlight the chest shape and vaguely reveal the sexy charm.

7. Underwear accessories

In addition to theme underwear, accessories are equally important.Various small objects that sprinkle dog food, such as sex stockings, and sexy underwear role -playing clothing are all good choices.Interest underwear with accessories can immediately stimulate women’s infinite charm.

8. Match with clothes

Good at matching is one of the important principles of wearing and decent.You don’t have to be exposed to wearing sex underwear. With a pair of high -waisted shorts or wide -leg pants, even short jackets, the inside and outside are settled, the effect can be described as sexy and temperament.

9. Special moment

For special moments, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Memorial Day, etc., you may wish to choose a sexy, bold and new sexy underwear as a gift to make your partner feel your affection for him.

10. General View

Wearing sex underwear is an art.No matter what type of selection, the quality and accessories of underwear are in line with the comfort and fashion that women want to pursue.People can also choose according to the shape, color and style of sexy underwear, and choose different themes, firming or openness.The ultimate goal is to add confidence, courage and sexy charm to women, and show a perfect charm.

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