Wearing sexy underwear, make makeup better or still

Is it better to wear sexy underwear or makeup?

Wearing erotic underwear is a way for modern women to improve sex life.For many women, more beautiful makeup can bring people a more confident experience.So do we need makeup in sexy underwear?From several perspectives, this article answers this question.

1. Express self -confidence: the necessary dress makes you more beautiful

Women wear sexy underwear to highlight their charm and sexy. At this time, makeup is a necessary dress.When women wear sexy underwear, complete and coordinated makeup will not only enhance her confidence, but also make her exuding confident beauty.

2. Strengthen the dating effect: makeup and sexy underwear set off each other

If you have a close date with your lover, you also need to pay attention to makeup while choosing sexy underwear, so that the best dating effect can be created.Appropriate makeup can strengthen your sense of self -confidence, make your sexy underwear more prominent, and aesthetic more easily.

3. Pay attention to moderate: decide on the occasion

When you play with your lover at home, you don’t have to wear too much cosmetics.However, in different circumstances, what kind of makeup to choose is particularly critical.There are different makeup and erotic underwear matching solutions for formal occasions, weddings, dinner, nightclubs, etc.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the moderate matching of makeup and sexy underwear when matching.

4. Different character: suitable for different dressing and dressing

Different personalities like different dressing.Some women like sexy underwear, but do not like too much dress.These women can try to dress up, or choose a thinner makeup to enhance beauty, and can also present their own character through the design style of the sexy underwear itself.

5. Scientific and technological progress: Makeup technology will serve you

Today, technological progress has provided women with more and more choices.For those who don’t want to spend too much time on makeup, smart makeup mirrors can help her intuitively understand her makeup changes.At home, in front of the makeup mirror, wearing a sexy lingerie to match makeup is still an extremely comfortable process.

6. Health: skin and makeup complement each other

Of course, wearing erotic underwear and makeup may also affect your health.Some women wear sexy underwear and thick makeup on the same day, which may feel too heavy, which can easily lead to symptoms of discomfort.Therefore, you can try to adapt to this situation with light makeup, such as light makeup, choosing moisturizing cosmetics, hyaluronic acid, etc., to strengthen the nutrition of the skin.

7. Reason: Interesting underwear and makeup should not be forced

Everyone’s personality, characteristics, and preferences are different, so choosing to wear sex underwear and which makeup choose is a complete personal choice.You should not be mandatory to change your personality and dress by anyone or social wave. Only by rationally controlling the internal anxiety and pressure can you usher in the interesting life that belongs.

8. Quality: Select the right to ensure health

Wearing erotic underwear and makeup must ensure quality problems.Some sexy underwear that is often worn every day should not be too tight or too special, otherwise it will hurt women’s bodies.Cosmetics should also choose carefully, choose large brands of products and pay attention to the overall quality. For example, choosing cosmetics with easy peeling may cause problems such as damage and bleeding.

Viewpoint: Generally speaking, wearing sexy underwear and makeup is a personal choice. You need to pay attention to moderate, coordinated and self -control.A complete and coordinated makeup can not only allow women to exude beauty and confidence, but also strengthen the dating effect. It is also important to notice that a moderate dressing is essential for physical health.Therefore, when you need to use it, you can choose your favorite sexy underwear and makeup to enjoy a better life.

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