What about sexy underwear sizes XL

How to choose sex underwear sizes xl

Start from the size table

When choosing a sexy underwear size, the first step should be viewed by the brand’s size table.There may be differences in different brands, so be sure to confirm your size first.In the size table, data such as bust, waist, hips, etc. are usually listed, and the corresponding size is marked.

Decisions according to the actual situation of the individual

After confirming the size, consider your actual situation.If the chest is large, you need to choose a larger size than usual to ensure comfort and aesthetics.If you are worried too loose, you can choose sexy underwear with better material elasticity to ensure that it is suitable for wearing.

Consider the style and design of sexy underwear

The style and design of sexy underwear will also affect size selection.For example, some chests need to be squeezed and shaped, and the size selection can be slightly smaller; while some styles that are better and need to be relaxed, you can choose larger sizes.

Thin or thick

The selection of thin and thick sexy underwear size is also different.Thin underwear needs to be more close, and the size should be suitable for you.The thick underwear can choose a slightly larger, increase the comfort of wearing.

Selection of sexy underwear materials

The sexy underwear of different materials is also different from the degree of elasticity and the degree of fit.For example, cotton erotic underwear needs to choose a size slightly larger than the actual size of your own; while the nylon material with better elasticity can choose a normal size.

Try to try on before buying

Before buying a sexy underwear, it is best to try it on.You can try it on online after buying.You can also choose to try on the physical store first, and then decide whether to buy.

Choose more brand comparison

There may be differences in the fun underwear size of different brands, and the suitable size may be different.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you can choose more brands to compare and find the most suitable choice.

Pay attention to the change of personal figure

After buying sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to changes in your personal figure.For example, changes in weight and bust may cause the original comfortable size to be no longer appropriate, and the size needs to be re -selected.

Choose with personal preferences

The last factor is personal preference.Sexy and beauty of sexy underwear are also one of the factors for choice.If you like more tight and close -fitting styles, you can choose smaller size; and those who like more relaxed and comfortable can choose larger size.

In general, when choosing a fun underwear XL, you need to consider the actual situation, style and design, design, thickness, material, trial and other factors, and make choices in combination with personal preferences.Only by choosing the right size can we wear comfortable and beautiful, make yourself more confident and charming.

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