What are the sexy underwear version of the AV

1 Introduction

Interests of underwear are popular due to their sexy, teasing, taboos and other characteristics.Accompanied by it, sexy underwear has become props often appearing in movies, television and AV fields.This article will focus on the application and interpretation method of sexy underwear in AV.

2. Lower body dress

In AV, the lower body is widely used, such as T -shaped, lace, lace and other elements.This dress and matching top is usually translucent or fully transparent. With the sexy figure of the model, it often gives people strong stimulation.In addition, there are types of sexy lingerie such as "opening underwear".

3. Maid Series

Maid clothing is a very classic sexy lingerie style, which is extremely common in the AV field.In some works, actresses tied their hair into ponytails, wearing black and white maid outfits, and then put on earmuffs, stockings and other elements to bring people a special pleasure.

4. Tie rope series

Binding is a game with SM color, and the rope series of sexy underwear clearly integrates SM elements into the product.Actresses wear rope -tie sexy underwear, and they can play the role of abuse in the shooting, which strongly stimulates people’s inner desires.

5. Wear mask

In the background of the current epidemic, masks become very common.However, in the field of AV, we often appear as a fun prop.The actresses wearing masks are like mysterious strangers, which makes people feel mysterious.

6. Leather sexy underwear

Leather -type sexy underwear is also a very special style.Black leather gives a strong sense of violence.Actresses wear this sexy underwear, often becoming more charming, making people feel awesome in the face of their momentum.

7. Nodded

Nods are generally used for decoration, which is a small and exquisite sexy lingerie style.Many actresses also like to use this element in AV. Small and exquisite nods and actresses are noble, elegant, and sexy, leaving a very deep impression on people.

8. Sexy tights

Sexy tights are one of the well -known sexy lingerie styles.It is close to the body’s lines, creating a beautiful and sexy body curve, and has a high requirements for women’s body.Many AV works also use tight clothes to show women’s beauty and sexy.

9. Children’s clothing series

The children’s clothing series is a kind of sexy lingerie style with a strong contrast. It combines the effect of the kindergarten range with adult erotic lingerie.Many AV works use this type to express women’s purity and cuteness and contrast, strengthen the dramaticness of the plot.

10. Summary view

Sex underwear is often used as elements that show their beauty and sexy in the field of AV.This fashionable way of wearing a method presents a unique beauty that is independent of external factors and spontaneous, and has become a sexy symbol in the minds of some people.Of course, only in the case of physical and mental health can we maintain a free and beautiful attitude towards life.

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