What are the styles of love underwear?

1. Overview of couples sexy underwear

As a kind of condiments for modern couples, the love underwear of couples has attracted more and more attention.Compared with his interesting supplies, sexy underwear can not only meet people’s physiological needs, but also visually stimulate the two parties.In the sexy underwear market, couples sexy underwear is one of them.

2. Types of love underwear for couples

There are many types of love underwear, and different styles are suitable for different situations and occasions.Common types are student uniforms, stewardess uniforms, police uniforms, nurse uniforms, maid uniforms, etc. In addition, there are various materials of underwear, such as perspective, hollow, and split.There are many types of love underwear in love underwear, each of which has its own unique characteristics, which can meet different interest needs.

3. Student uniform

Student uniforms are very classic styles in sexy underwear.Generally, this uniform is based on the school uniforms of Japanese female high school students, and it is usually composed of red skirts and white shirts.This uniform can easily attract the attention of men and women, and is often used for role -playing.For many people, after wearing this kind of uniform, you can quickly enter the state of youth.

4. Air Sister Uniform

If you want to experience the feeling of riding a luxury aircraft, then the flight attendant uniform will be a good choice.This uniform is usually composed of black long skirts and white shirts, equipped with color stripes representing airlines.The flight attendant uniform shows the petite and exquisite women, which can satisfy the partner’s fantasies about air travel.

5. Police uniform

Police uniforms represent laws and order, usually consisting of blue skirts and white shirts, and sometimes handcuffs and baseball caps.After wearing this kind of uniform, partners can enjoy the feeling of punishing evil and promoting goodness in role in role -playing, and maintaining social stability.

6. Nurse uniform

Nursing uniforms represent love and warmth, which is usually composed of the Red Cross Hospital and white nurse uniforms.After wearing this kind of uniform, partners can enjoy the care and consideration of the nurse, and add the tenderness and emotions between each other.

7. Maid uniform

The maid’s uniform represents service and loyalty. It is usually composed of black skirts and white shirts, with a small maid hat.After wearing this kind of uniform, you can enjoy the feeling of serving the servants for you in the role -playing, and the fun between each other is becoming more and more enriched.

8. Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a very popular type in sexy underwear, which can increase the interest of your life.Perspective underwear is usually made of thin and translucent materials, which can make your skin expose through clothes and make you more sexy and charming.

9. Hollow underwear

Hollow underwear is a decorative style that cuts or suture part of the underwear.Different cutting and suture positions can create a variety of different patterns and light and shadow effects.Hollow underwear is usually challenging material, which will not affect the shape and provide good sexy effects.

10. split underwear

The split underwear is split on both sides of the underwear into two band -shaped shapes. After putting it on, you will make your legs more fully displayed, and at the same time make your partner more excited.Spoken underwear can increase the interest of your life and make the love life between you and your partner more intense.

Finally, if you want to choose a love lingerie of a couple that suits you and your partner, you need to try a lot of different styles to understand the interesting preferences of yourself and your partner, so as to find a sexy underwear that best meets the needs of both parties.

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