What is the name of selling sexy underwear movies

The film industry’s portrayal of sexy underwear

In the modern fashion circle, sexy underwear has formed an independent industrial chain. So what is the portrayal of sexy underwear in the movie?Here we will make some classic movies that involve sexy underwear.

Interesting underwear in "Running Bride"

This is a romantic comedy movie starring Annie Hathaway. In the film, Annie’s friend gave her a set of sexy underwear to help her through the boring night.This set of sexy underwear looks very sexy and divides Annie’s figure perfectly.The film shows the sexy and charming of sexy underwear, attracting the attention of the movie audience.

Interesting underwear in "Master Sex"

This is a French literary film, telling the sexual life of a female company who works day and night.There are many style of sexy underwear in the movie. Different adult sexy lingerie styles show different styles, making people love it.

Interesting underwear in "Miserable World"

This is a classic musical, which is also filmed as a movie version.The sexy underwear in the movie is very luxurious and uses many high -end fabrics and decorations.These sexy underwear is very suitable for wearing on large occasions.

The role of sexy underwear

From the above movies, it is not difficult to see the charm of sexy underwear. So what other functions are in addition to expressing sexy charm?

Improve self -confidence

Wearing sexy sexy underwear not only makes people feel more beautiful and confident, but also makes the other half more attractive to themselves.

Enhance intimacy

Interest underwear can make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate, enhance the emotions between each other, and make the relationship between each other more sweet.

Extending love time

Wearing sexy underwear can add some freshness to both parties, increase the passion of love, and make love time longer.

Skills of sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is not just a casual one. Proper matching can show better sexy and sexy.

Buy a suitable sex underwear for your own

When choosing sexy underwear, you must consider your body curve and your own style and identity background.


Interest underwear can double your sexy degree, but you also need to be cautious in choosing and purchase, improve your aesthetic level, and maintain an elegant and noble taste to achieve a state of sexy and charm, becoming an unparalleled existence in the crowd.

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