What certificate do I need to sell sexy underwear?

Document requirements for sex underwear sales

Interest underwear is regarded as an adult product, and its sales are strictly regulated.Therefore, anyone who wants to carry out business in the sex underwear industry needs to understand the requirements for the sales of affectionate underwear.

Business license and tax registration certificate

If you want to open a sexy underwear store, you first need to obtain a business license and tax registration certificate.These documents have shown that companies have registered according to law and have paid relevant taxes to tax authorities.

Sanitary license

In addition, sexy underwear stores also need to obtain hygiene permits.This certificate proves that the store has passed the acceptance of the local health department and meets the health standards.

Special Industry License

If the sexy underwear store also provides other special services, such as massage, etc., then special industry licenses need to be obtained.This certificate needs to be applied in the local special industry management department.

ID card and age certification

When selling sexy underwear, you need to verify whether the buyer’s age has reached its legal age.Therefore, when selling, the buyer is required to provide ID cards and perform age certification.


For the consideration of privacy protection, sex underwear stores need to sign a confidentiality agreement with customers.This can effectively protect customers’ personal privacy and create a good sales environment.

Contract and invoice

When selling sexy underwear, you need to use the contract to ensure the rights and interests of the buyers and sellers.In addition, invoices should be provided every time you buy to ensure tax compliance.

Product quality test report

Stores selling sexy underwear also need to provide product quality testing reports to ensure the quality of the product.This can improve the satisfaction of customers and ensure that the operation is legal.

Employee education and training certificate

Employees working in sex underwear stores need to receive certain education and training to ensure that they can provide appropriate consulting services.Therefore, companies selling sexy underwear stores need to provide employee education and training certificates to ensure the quality of employees.


Finally, companies selling sexy underwear also need to buy related insurance.This can effectively avoid losses caused by emergencies during operations.


The above is the document requirements required for selling fun underwear.There may be differences in regulations in various places. Please contact local government departments or other authoritative institutions before carrying out business to ensure that the cause can operate legally.

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