What color number to choose in sex underwear


Sex underwear is one of the representatives of today’s fashion. For the color choice of underwear, it is a problem that every woman must consider when purchasing.Not only can it highlight the sexy charm of women, but it can also highlight the unique temperament and taste of women.So, how do we choose the color of the sexy underwear that suits us?

Skin color determines the choice of underwear color

First, skin color is the key to determining the color choice of underwear.Women should carefully consider the effects of skin color on underwear.If the skin tone is lighter, it is recommended to choose warm underwear, such as red, pink, yellow, etc.; If it is neutral skin color, it is recommended to choose neutral tones, such as white, black, gray, beige, etc.If it is dark skin tone, you can choose big red, purple and other colors.However, it should be noted that the choice of color should be coordinated with the color of the skin, so as to avoid improper combination, it brings unsightly feelings.

I choose to determine the color of the underwear

The color choice of underwear should also meet personal preferences.Women can choose their favorite color, make underwear an expression tool, and show their unique personality and charm.

On the occasion, the choice of the color of the underwear

The color of the underwear can also be determined according to the occasion.For example, white underwear is suitable for formal occasions such as marriage, banquets; black underwear is suitable for social occasions, showing the noble and bright temperament of women.It can be said that when the color of underwear is determined on the occasion, the factors are more widely considered.

Personality determines the color of underwear color

Different colors represent different personality characteristics.For example, red represents enthusiasm, high -profile, and sexy; black represents mysterious and noble; white represents pure and elegant.Women can choose underwear color according to their own personality to better interpret their characteristics.

Underwear style determines the choice of underwear color

The style of underwear is also an important reference factor for choosing color.If the underwear is a shoulder -free vest style, you should choose a color similar to the color of the clothes, hiding the underwear belt makes people feel comfortable and natural.For sexy underwear, you can choose bright or dark colors to create a sexy and attractive atmosphere.

The crowd decides the color choice of underwear color

The color of the underwear also needs to be selected according to the crowd.If you are dating lovers, you can choose a red or pink sexy underwear to enhance the feeling of emotional closeness.If you travel with your family or friends, you can choose more comfortable and simple colors, such as gray, beige, white, etc.

Seasonal decisions of the color choice of underwear

The color of the underwear also needs to be selected according to the season.For example, in summer, you can choose a cool and transparent color, such as grass green, blue blue, pale yellow, etc.In winter, you can choose warm -colored underwear, such as red and dark blue.This can not only meet the characteristics of the season, but also make people feel more comfortable and confident.

The choice of underwear material determines the color of the underwear

Underwear material is also an important reference factor for choosing color.For example, red is more suitable for women with black skin, and for women with white skin, they need to choose a softer color to avoid the contrast of the color too large, causing bad visual effects.

Underwear storage determines the color choice of underwear color

When we storage underwear, most of them are classified.Choose several colors, and the underwear is classified and storage can more conveniently organize underwear items.At this time, we can match some darker underwear to avoid repeating the color of the underwear.

Skin color matching suitable for each color

Finally, let’s summarize, white: summer refreshing; suitable for white skin; pink: young, cute; suitable for older women; red: atmosphere, sexy; suitable for black skin women; purple: mysterious, unique; suitable for China; suitable for medium;Sexual skin tone women; black: noble, mysterious; suitable for women with neutral skin tone; blue: fresh, comfortable; women with white skin and blue eyes.


Finally, the choice of underwear color needs to consider many factors. After considering skin color, preferences, occasions, personality, style, crowd, season, material and storage, we can buy sexy underwear that suits them.I hope that this article can inspire women when choosing sexy underwear.

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