What kind of fun underwear is good -looking

What kind of fun underwear is good -looking?

What kind of sexy underwear everyone wants to wear is definitely different, but for slightly fat women, choosing the right sexy underwear can help them show their charm better.Next, we will discuss which interesting underwear is suitable for fat women.

1. Choose a style that suits you

Everyone’s body is different, so you need to choose the style and tailoring that suits you.Forty women can choose to have supported sexy underwear, which will make your body look more well -proportioned.In addition, you can choose some stripes, grids or animal line bras, which will make your body line smoother.

2. Select a moderate tightness

It is very important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear, but it is not a good choice if it is too loose or too tight.Forty women should choose sexy underwear with a moderate tightness, which can make the lines of the chest and waist smoother, and it will not be too tight, making you feel uncomfortable.

3. Soft cup sexy top

If you are a slightly fat woman, soft cup sexy underwear will be more suitable for you.Soft cup sex underwear does not have a hard support cup, so it is more suitable for women with a little fat.In addition, the sexy underwear of the hard support cup is difficult to achieve a suitable personal effect.

4. Choose V -character collar sexy underwear

If you have a wide shoulder and long neck, you will be more suitable to choose a V -shaped sexy underwear.This kind of sexy underwear can make your eyes fall on your chest, making you look taller.

5. Select sexy underwear with control effects

There are some sexy lingerie with control effects, which can better control the abdomen and side after wearing slightly fat women.The control effect of this sexy underwear will not make you feel uncomfortable, but it will make your body look more well -proportioned.

6. Choose sexy underwear with modified effects

It is also a good idea to choose sexy underwear with modified effects.Because some erotic underwear with lace, lace, beaded and other decorations can help you hide some places you don’t like, emphasizing your physical advantages.

7. Choose a small amount of elastic sexy underwear

Choose some sexy underwear with a small amount of elasticity to make you feel more comfortable after you wear it, and at the same time you can better present your body curve.

8. Avoid white sexy underwear

Regardless of your figure, white sex underwear is not a good choice.White sex underwear is not easy to cover up small problems in the body, which will highlight your physical defects.

9. Choose black, dark -colored sexy underwear

Black and dark erotic underwear is very suitable for slightly fat women, because they can cover up physical defects and emphasize physical advantages.In addition, black and dark erotic underwear looks more sexy and more suitable for night use.

10. Comprehensive consideration

Most importantly, you need to choose a sexy underwear you like.Regardless of your figure, as long as you like it, it is the best choice.Sometimes some key points may not be suitable for your personal taste, but you still need to make comprehensive considerations according to your specific situation.

The above is the advice of the sexy underwear suitable for the slightly fat women provided by you. You can choose in combination with your specific situation, and finally choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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