What kind of sexy underwear trademark registration

Sorting of sexy underwear trademarks

The registration of sexy underwear trademarks belongs to the category of the trademark law, and the classification of trademarks is mainly divided according to the category of products or services applied for by trademarks, which also determines which category should sex underwear trademarks be registered.

Falling underwear category attribution

According to the international convention of trademark classification, the category of sexy underwear belongs to Category 25. This category mainly involves sports shoes, bras, socks, shoes, hats and other products. Therefore, to register the trademark of sex underwear, you need to choose Category 25.

The importance of trademark registration

The registration of trademarks is essential for the sales and brand building of sexy underwear, because trademarks can become a symbol of the brand, marking the uniqueness and quality assurance of sexy underwear.

Process of trademark registration

The process of trademark registration usually includes four steps: trademark application, review, announcement and registration.When applying for a trademark application, you need to submit the patterns and related information of sexy underwear trademarks, and then the trademark registration agency will be reviewed to ensure that the trademark complies with the law.

Standards for trademark review

Trademark reviews are usually carried out with reference to trademark registration regulations. These regulations include the stability of the form of trademark expression, the recognition of global public words, the identification of trademark -related products or services, and the non -infringement of third -party equity.

The form of trademark announcement

After the successful review, the trademark will be published in the Chinese trademark announcement. At this time, anyone has the right to obtain the trademark. If there is no objection, you can apply for trademark registration.

Protection of rights after trademark registration

After the trademark registration is successful, the ownership of the trademark will be attributed to the registrant. He can enjoy the exclusive rights of the trademark during the protection period of the trademark and have the right to adopt legal means to maintain the intellectual property rights of the product or service.

Regulations on the period of trademark protection

Trademark registration protection period is usually 10 years. During the protection period, trademark registrars can renew the protection of trademarks indefinitely to extend the protection period of trademarks.

in conclusion

Although the process is cumbersome for the registration of sexy underwear trademarks, it is of great significance in brand building and intellectual property protection.The registrar of sexy underwear should grasp the timing of trademark registration in order to ensure the influence and market competitiveness of the brand while protecting their intellectual property rights.

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