What movies are wearing erotic sheets

Background introduction

Sexy underwear has always been a controversial clothing and is often used as a plot element in movies or TV series.In many cases, the appearance of sexy underwear can make the story more vivid and interesting.Let’s take a look at the plots of sexy underwear in the movies.

"Fifty Degree"

The protagonist of "Fifty Degree Gray" Anna’s job is a library, but she became the assistant to the sex products company at night.During her work, she wore a variety of sexy sexy underwear, thus entering the world of actor Chris Ti’an step by step.Although some people think that this plot is too exposed or even a bit rude, many people have entered the pit of this movie because of this plot.

"Modern Times"

Although it is quite old, "Modern Times" is a rare classic movie.At the beginning of the film, the little people played by Charlie Chaplin in the carefree working state in the factory, his admirable and luxurious women’s image also reflected vividly. In the performance, a temperamental sexy underwear appearedEssence

"365 days"

"365 Days" has been very popular since its launch, which is because of the great reasons because the heroine Lola often wears interesting underwear in the film.Although this plot makes people feel a little too exposed, the film is undoubtedly more vivid.

"Fatal Temptation"

This film is adapted from James M. Kane’s novel "Deadly Temptation". The plot revolves around a pair of tempting and desire for men and women.The protagonist of this film, Catherine, often put on sexy sexy underwear, showing her enthusiasm for life and her strong desire for her body, so as to create a strong visual impact.

"Invincible Destruction King 2"

The movie is a good choice.Although the story line of this film is not so close, the clip of the protagonist Vinica put on sexy underwear makes people shine.


In this movie, Terry is a free and unruly woman. She often wore sexy underwear and show off her coquettish gesture to men.Although this plot in the film is a bit deliberate, it is still very interesting.

"Sensory World"

This movie is infamous because its content involves sex and sexual organs.One of the plots is that women wearing various colors and styles of sexy underwear, which not only makes the film a lot of color, but also highlights the sexy and mysterious sense of the characters.

"American School"

This is a very classic youth comedy movie, but it is also a movie full of tacky and vulgar.One of the plots is that the male character Waxley wears women’s sexy underwear in his room, listening to Britney’s music, and pretending to be watching his performance.Although this plot is more vulgar, it is in line with the taste of this movie.

"The Shawshank Redemption"

The above movies are more relaxed and humorous, funny and funny movies, and "Shawshank’s Redemption" is a very serious movie.However, in this movie, when the female character Monica wore her own sexy underwear to get into the prison, it still impressed the audience.

"Evil Land"

This film is a small British production. The protagonists live in a desolate house and are trapped in the magic of different dimensions.In the process of shuttingling between this physical space and magic space, the heroine wore a sexy underwear to show her body, adding a weird and thrilling taste to the whole atmosphere.


Although the element of sexy underwear is more common in movies, it is necessary to pay attention to occasions in actual life.Wearing a sexy underwear is a very private experience that needs to be displayed in the right occasion.It is easy to look vulgar or even rough if it is not worn properly.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to see the plot of sexy underwear in movies or film and television dramas, you should appreciate it. You should be careful in actual life.

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