What should I do if my boyfriend is not wearing sexy underwear

What should I do if my boyfriend is not wearing sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a good helper to increase interest and regulate emotions. It is even more indispensable for couples with high fresh sense.But what should I do if your boyfriend is not wearing a sexy underwear?The following are some suggestions:

1. Find the needs of your boyfriend

Everyone’s demand for sexy underwear is different. Some people pay more attention to design and styles, while others pay more attention to sexy.You should first figure out the purpose of your boyfriend wearing a fun underwear so that you can better choose the style that suits him.

2. Try new styles and new colors

If your boyfriend is not attracted by traditional colors and styles, then you can try some sexy underwear with brighter colors and more personalized styles.This is likely to inspire his interest in sexy underwear.

3. Add sex toys

You can consider using sex toys with sexy underwear, which can increase interest and excitement.You can try to put on sexy underwear for him, and then use sex toys to stimulate him to see if this effect can change his view of sexy underwear.

Fourth, encourage him to be confident

Sometimes men are unwilling to wear sexy underwear for their own figure, personality, body hair, etc.You can tell him that everyone’s body is unique, as long as confidence will be sexy.You can encourage him by praising his body and let him put on sexy underwear with confidence.

Fifth, start with his favorite field

Understand the hobbies of your boyfriend. If he loves sports, you can consider choosing sexy underwear related to sports and fitness, such as fitness shorts, sports vests, and so on.

6. Respect his choice

If your boyfriend explicitly refuses to wear fun underwear, then you should respect his choice.Don’t force him to wear it, otherwise it will cause anti -effects and make him more resistant to sexy underwear.

7. Try to many parties

If you have tried various methods, but your boyfriend is still unwilling to wear sexy underwear, then you can try to watch some sexy lingerie magazines, pictures, or videos with him, and provide him with more wearing ideas.

Eight, rational communication

Finally, if you really feel that you need to reach a consensus on this issue, you need to have rational communication.You can discuss the topic of sexy underwear with your boyfriend, figure out his needs and concerns, and then give him some suggestions or try some compromises to reach a consensus.

In summary, it is not easy to make your boyfriend put on sexy underwear. We need to try multiple methods to understand the needs and interests of her boyfriend. They cannot force him to achieve his own purpose and need to communicate rationally.The most important thing is that sexy underwear is just part of sex, not all, let alone make it the protagonist of sex.

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