What should I do if my wife’s wardrobe appears sexy underwear

Sex underwear: fashion or trouble?

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has a variety of styles, bright colors, and has both beauty and sexy.However, when there is a sexy underwear in his wife’s wardrobe, some people will feel uncomfortable, confused and embarrassed.So, what should I do when they encounter this situation?This article will provide you with several solutions.

Solution 1: Keep calm and emphasize respect

When finding a sexy underwear in his wife’s wardrobe, the first thing we need to do is to keep calm.We should not easily evaluate our own thinking, let alone impose our own opinions and ideas to our wives.On the contrary, we should emphasize respect, accept and understand the choice of our wives.

Solution 2: Negotiate with my wife to understand ideas

Since we respect my wife’s decision, we can also negotiate with my wife to understand why she chooses to buy sexy underwear, whether it is because of fashion, changes, and enthusiasm.This will not only help enhance the communication between husband and wife, but also better understand each other.

Solution 3: More knowledge of lingerie of affection

Although sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear, it is also a kind of underwear, similar to ordinary bra, underwear, etc.Therefore, we can understand the knowledge of affectionate underwear, and understand its characteristics, functions, wearing methods and maintenance methods to better communicate with our wives.

Solution 4: Moderate support to increase interest

Under the premise of respecting our wife’s choice, we can also moderately support the choice of our wife and increase the interest of life.We can choose to buy fun underwear together, pay attention to the charm of each style, every detail, and each color, and enjoy the fun of shopping and wearing.In this way, not only can promote the relationship between husband and wife, but also make life more colorful.

Solution 5: Follow comfort and security

Of course, when choosing sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to comfort and security, and we cannot affect health because of the pursuit of fashion and beauty.We should choose the size, fabric, style and function that suits us, focus on comfort and health effects, and also pay attention to the environmental protection and quality and safety of underwear.

Solution 6: Avoid value judgment and taste criticism

Regardless of how the hobbies between husband and wife are different from the aesthetics, we should not make value judgments and taste criticism of the other party.Interest underwear does not mean that morality is low, behavior is sloppy, and it will not affect family virtues and social atmosphere.On the contrary, it is a lifestyle, fashion taste, and personality expression, which should be respected and tolerant.

Solution 7: Keep family harmony and harmony

No matter what kind of underwear appears in his wife’s wardrobe, we should keep family harmony and harmony, and do not affect the relationship between husband and wife because of these trivial matters.We can deal with family problems peacefully, express our ideas and opinions rationally, respect the other party’s choice and decision, and jointly create the happiness and happiness of the family.

Solution 8: Enhance the safety awareness of individuals and husbands and wives

Interests of underwear are both fashionable and aesthetic, but also have a certain sexy and teasing effect.However, we must also pay attention to strengthening the sense of safety of individuals and husbands and wives. When wearing and using sexy underwear, we must try to avoid unnecessary risks and injuries, pay attention to health and health issues, and ensure the health and safety of our own and families.

Solution Nine: Promote the concept of harmonious and open couple

The relationship between husband and wife is a relationship of mutual understanding, support and care.We can advocate the concept of harmonious and open couples, and to avoid conflicts and discord due to the disputes between the other party’s lifestyle and hobbies.We should respect each other’s choice and personality, show our own tolerance and understanding, and create a happy and happy marriage life together.

Solution 10: Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

In family life, sometimes there are many uncomfortable things.But we should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and actively respond and solve the problem.Regarding things like a wife’s wardrobe, we can look at it from a positive and open perspective, and take effective communication and cooperation to jointly promote the development of family harmony and husband and wife.


Through the above solutions, we can better cope with the situation of sexy underwear in my wife’s wardrobe.We should accept and understand the diversification and diversification of family life with a peaceful, tolerant and rational attitude, and create a healthy, harmonious and beautiful family harmony atmosphere.

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