What to do if there is no female sexy underwear?

How to find a sexual and erotic lingerie that is suitable for you?There is no set of sexual erotic and interesting underwear, which will not only make you lose the beauty of the girl, but also affect self -confidence, especially in dating, party, party and other occasions.However, there are many sexy underwear brands on the market, the style is very different, making people dazzling, and it is very difficult to buy.This article will provide you with a little tip to help you easily choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

I. Pay attention to the balance between sexy and women’s beauty

It is important to understand the classification and material of love underwear.Nowadays, the sexy lingerie in the market is changing with each passing day. There are various fabrics and styles that allow you to walk between women’s charm and sexy.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, please consider the goals you really expect.The pursuit of sexy is not equal to the weakening of women’s beauty.Only by finding the balance between the two can you really enjoy the comfort and firmness of your heart.

II. Determine your own figure

Understanding your body is the basis for choosing sexy underwear.Nowadays, the sexy underwear on the market is carefully designed and will produce different sizes and styles according to the shape type.If you belong to a fat body, it is recommended that you choose more temperament of sexy underwear; if you are a plump figure, the classic style of sexy underwear is your best choice; if you are a slender body, smooth sexy underwear fixedIt will make your body fuller and more comprehensive.

III. Understand your style preferences

Choosing a sexy underwear that is consistent with your style is both comfortable and your own characteristics, which will make you more sufficient psychological satisfaction.Understanding your style and personal preferences can often help you buy a set of sexy underwear that is most in line with your style.Those who like literary atmosphere should choose simple and design -rich underwear; if you like high -profile occasions such as gatherings and parties, you can choose a colorful sexy underwear.


Whether you are attending the party, dating, party, etc., you must choose a sexy underwear that meets the occasion.For example, it is best to choose low -key underwear in business occasions to avoid exaggerated styles; if you are in the party, you can choose a high -end sexy underwear to show your beauty to the fullest.

V. Pay attention to quality and materials

In order to fit the sexy lingerie, the material and quality of the underwear are naturally very important.The first is the fabric. Choose high -end fabrics such as embroidery fabrics, perspective tulle. The quality must be excellent to ensure that long -term wear will not wear or deform.At the same time, you should choose high -quality erotic underwear such as simple and generous, exquisite details, comfortable feel.

Vi. Know your season and temperature

Seasons and temperature are important factor in choosing sexy underwear. This choice needs to pay attention to some details.In summer, breathability and super comfortable are the indispensable factor to buy underwear.In winter, it is suitable to choose warm and comfortable sexy underwear, which requires attention to materials, such as wool and plush.

Vii. Simple is beauty

Get the balance point of detail and quality.You may not need to be too exaggerated sexy underwear, more often a personal style and the choice of wearing occasions.For example, excellent high -quality white sexy underwear or black sex corset can show your hidden sexy.To sum up in a sentence is simple and beautiful.

Viii. Master the matching skills

As the last step, after choosing a suitable sexy underwear, what you need to do next is to match.You need to pay attention not to exaggerate with sexy underwear.Choosing suitable clothing materials and colors for matching can enrich your wardrobe.

All in all, after careful comparison and choice, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.Only under the premise of ensuring quality and details can people truly show people high -quality sexy underwear.

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