Where can I hang up after buying a sexy underwear

Where can I hang up in sex lingerie?

For those who buy sexy underwear, how to properly store and display the sexy underwear they purchased has become a problem.Here are some ways to hang some fun underwear after buying sexy underwear.

1. Wardrobe

The first choice is of course the wardrobe. Hanging exquisite erotic underwear in the door or drawer, which is convenient to use and fully protect the cleanliness of sexy underwear.However, it should be noted that avoid too crowded when putting underwear, otherwise it will be worn quickly.

2. Holding rack

If the wardrobe can’t put it or want to classify the underwear, the hanger is also a good choice.You can put the same type of underwear (such as hanging strap, conjoined camisole, etc.) together, and it is also convenient to take when you go out.However, it should be noted that the transparent plastic hanger may leave traces on the underwear. It is recommended to choose a fluffy hanger.

3. Show rack

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, the display rack is also a good option.You can wrap the underwear on a tulle or directly on the display rack to create a professional and high -end display effect.However, it should be noted that the place where the display rack is placed requires moisture -proof to prevent underwear from being moldy.

4. Attic

If you love the collection of sexy underwear, and there is a house that pursues quality, the attic is also a often used place. You can make a underwear or hanging frame to better protect your privacy.

5. pajamas

Some good quality sexy underwear needs to be protected separately. Putting a separate pajamas is a better choice.Such underwear will not be worn, and the more underwear can be placed more than timely.

6. Table edge

Some sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and can be hung by the basin.This can avoid the structure of the washing machine to destroy the skeleton structure of the underwear and better protect the color properties of the underwear.

7. Sun

If your underwear is made of cotton material, the dryness and sterilization of the underwear to prevent bacteria from breeding.This not only saves the indoor space, but also allows the underwear to be completely disinfected by UV

8. packaging box

For those particularly precious sexy underwear, it is recommended to keep it the original packaging.That is not only to show its quality and the value of as a treasure, but also more convenient to reward it to fellows.

In addition to the above methods, there are many creative ways to display your sexy underwear, such as the display rack and weaving dragon on the wall of DIY.In short, no matter what method is adopted, we need to respect them, because sexy underwear is not only an ordinary underwear, but also a kind of interest and special cultural symbol.

Viewpoint: Although sexy underwear has special cultural symbols, its focus should be quality and noble.When hanging, we should not just pay attention to the display effect of underwear. We should also pay attention to the protection and preservation of underwear, and maintain the freshness and sustainability of sexy underwear as the reflection of quality and material.

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