What to do if you are reluctant to lose your sexy underwear

What to do if you are reluctant to lose your sexy underwear

1. Significance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an essential item for women to show sexy and increase interest, and it is also an important self -expression tool for women.Whether it is a couple in love or a married couple, sexy underwear can effectively improve the quality and happiness of both sides.Therefore, for many women, sexy underwear is very meaningful, whether it is the adjustment of life or the pursuit of self -beauty.

2. Falling underwear maintenance

Many people do not maintain reasonable maintenance after buying sexy underwear, so they will soon have problems such as wear, color fading, and deformation.The maintenance of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear and requires special care.It is recommended to check the manual before cleaning. If not, you can consult a brander or professionals.At the same time, do not use the washing machine to clean and keep it ventilated and dry.

3. Good at matching

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is not necessarily easy to match.The basic principle is to maintain harmony, coordination, beauty, taste taste, and highlight your advantages.You can follow the classic black and white combination. If you have a prominent figure, you can also try to wear sexy underwear as a external wear and wear your own personality.

4. Don’t care too much about the price

Sometimes, a good sexy underwear will be valuable.Don’t affect your sexual blessings because of price.If you like a underwear, it is recommended not to pay too much attention to the price. You can choose a product with sufficient understanding.

5. Replace regularly

Interesting underwear also has a life span. If it is too long, problems such as dirt, aging, and deformation need to be eliminated in time.It is generally recommended to replace 1-2 years.In addition, if your body changes, you also need to replace the underwear that is more suitable for the size according to the actual situation.

6. Learning to wear skills

Sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. You need to learn some wearing skills.For example, when wearing sexy underwear, you can put on ordinary underwear first, and then slowly put on sexy underwear.This is conducive to adjusting the size and comfort of each part and making yourself more confident and beautiful.

7. Regular inspection

In the daily use process, you need to check the wear of sexy underwear and whether any damage is.Especially for some high -quality, high -grade sexy underwear, it is necessary to often check whether any damage or deformation.

8. Storage and storage

When not in use, you need to keep the sexy underwear properly.It is recommended to place it in a close -fitting wardrobe or a dedicated storage box for direct sunlight, and keep it clean and dry.At the same time, pay attention to store separately from other clothes to avoid odor.

9. Properly handle sexy underwear that has not been used for a long time

If you have not used sex underwear for a long time, you may have problems such as deformation and you need to deal with it in time.It is recommended to try it out first. If you find that there are deformation or damage, you can go to a professional repair store for maintenance, or whether you can continue to use it according to the situation.

10. Conclusion

The beauty of erotic underwear is not only its style, material and workmanship, but also the charm of confidence and beauty in the process of dressing.In terms of use and maintenance, you also need to do your homework in order to show your vitality more reasonably and efficiently.Therefore, in the process of how to use and maintain sexy underwear, please carefully understand the taste outside the skin.

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