Where is the sexy underwear to dry

Falling underwear drying problem

When we wear sexy underwear every day, we sometimes encounter the situation where they need to clean and dry.Different materials and craftsmanship are not the same.

Drying of pure cotton sexy underwear

Pure cotton sexy underwear is a more common in our daily life, but it should be noted that its water absorption is strong. It needs to be dried in a cool and ventilated place.Forgot to replace the drying hanger regularly to avoid infection with bacteria and germs.

The drying method of silk sex underwear

Silk erotic underwear needs to be dried in a cool and humid environment. It should not be exposed to the sun. To avoid the clothes of the clothes from being radiated by the sun.If the sun is too strong, the texture of the silk may harden and yellow.The silk underwear should not be washed too frequently, and it is better to clean it every week.

The drying method of lace sexy underwear

The drying of lace sexy underwear needs to be careful. Because the material of the lace is relatively fragile, it needs to be dried in a hanging manner. At the same time, pay attention to avoid mixing, so as not to rub damage with other clothes.

Sexual feelings to dry underwear

For the drying of the sexual and emotional lingerie, it is best to gently squeeze the water by hand, and then dry it naturally in a cool place to avoid excessive drying and cause the fabric to deform.

Clean drying environment

While drying erotic underwear, the cleaning of the environment is also very important.Choose a clean and dust -free place to dry, so that the clothes can be attached to the dust, bacteria, and mold.

Prevent sexy underwear from leaving water stains

Many people will find water stains when they are drying their sexy underwear, which is caused by not completely removing water during drying.To prevent water stains, you can choose to gently dry the water on the surface of the clothes with a soft towel to avoid leaving water stains with a soft towel.

The effect of drying on the shelf life of underwear

The way to dry the sexy underwear not only affects comfort and cleaning effect, but also affects the shelf life of sexy underwear.Underwear of different materials is improperly used, and it is easy to destroy the elasticity of clothes, causing bad phenomena such as wrinkles, repellent, bacterial breeding, oxidation, and fading.

Maintenance after drying

After the drying is completed, in addition to taking the launch and sunbathing in time, you need to organize it, and use your hand to fold the back of the clothes to the positive face to avoid new creases.In addition, the maintenance of sexy underwear is recommended to wash indoors, and then dry it flat. Do not use the washing machine to dry it. This will affect the elasticity and shelf life of the sexy underwear.


The above are some suggestions about the drying underwear. It is maintained through the appropriate drying method to better serve us.I hope these simple tips can help everyone.

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