Where to buy much more sex underwear in the country

Where to buy much more sex underwear in the country

1. Taobao

Taobao, as a representative of Chinese e -commerce, has a lot of sexy underwear shops.From cheap to high -end, from simple to complex, you can find all kinds of sexy underwear here.

2. Jingdong

The sexy underwear shops of Jingdong Mall are relatively small, but the quality is relatively high. In addition, customer service is more professional and the service is in place.

Third, Tmall

Tmall, as a shopping website of Alibaba Group, has a relatively many sexy underwear shops, a comprehensive brand, and a more affordable price.

Fourth, offline sex products store

In some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and other places, there are some offline sex products stores that can be purchased at the store, so that you can see the quality and workmanship of the product directly, and you can also experience the product better.

Fifth, niche sexy underwear shop

Some niche sexy underwear shops can also provide good quality products, and the price is not necessarily more expensive than large e -commerce platforms.If you want to find a feeling of discovery, you can consider buying such stores.

6. Community group purchase

Some communities will have group purchase organizations, and some coupons will be issued for participants to buy at cheaper prices.

Seven, holiday promotion

In some special festivals, such as Qixi Festival, Valentine’s Day, etc., some sexy underwear shops will have some promotional activities. You can buy your favorite products at a cheaper price.

8. Self -made erotic sheets

If you have a certain manual ability, some simple sexy underwear at home is also a very good choice. It can not only meet your needs, but also save some consumption.

Nine, friends recommend

If your friends have bought sexy underwear, they can let them recommend some good brands and purchasing channels, so that they can better search for products that are suitable for them.

Ten, sex store

Sexual stores are shops that specialize in selling sexy underwear and adult products. The product types are relatively comprehensive and the quality is more secure.


Generally speaking, various purchase methods have advantages and disadvantages, and different options can meet different needs and budgets.The most important thing is to search for good quality, suitable for your own sexy underwear, and add more interest and fun to yourself.

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