Which county does Lianyungang make sexy underwear

Which county does Lianyungang make sexy underwear

In Lianyungang who wants to buy sexy lingerie, many people think of which county to buy?Let’s take a look.

1. Lianyun District

First of all, we first come to Lianyun District. There are many adults here, including some sexy underwear shops.These shops are relatively operating and often have updated styles to provide you with certain choices.

2. Xinpu District

If you are in Xinpu District, you can visit the Phoenix Shopping Center. There are some specialty stores selling sexy underwear here. The concentrated locations are convenient for everyone to shop.

3. Ganyu District

Ganyu District recommends the IKEA KTV Music Bar. There are not only KTV here, but also many entertainment facilities and sexual products stores.You can buy sexy underwear while feeling the entertainment atmosphere of entertainment facilities.

4. Guanyun County

In Guanyun County, the most famous is the Sunshine Trading City. Many adult products are gathered here. Among them, there are also several sexy underwear shops. They have rich styles and many types, which can meet the needs of different customers.

5. Guannan County

In Guannan County, you can shop at Hang Lung Plaza, No. 358 Xinglong Street. There are several sexy underwear shops, which have always been known for its diverse styles and high cost performance.

6. Fei County

Feixian is relatively remote, but there are still shops with specialty business sex products. If you are here, you can buy it at the Tao Tao Store in the Life Museum. Here are unique style and strong interest.

7. Puyang County

There are relatively few sexy underwear shops in Liyang County, but there is a dolphin sex products mall. After entering, you will find that although there are not many products, they are all good underwear.

8. Haizhou District

In the shopping square of Bedt Linglong City in Haizhou District, there are some shops selling sexy underwear. They are stylish and have a good overall. It is a good place to buy.

9. Yandu District

In Yantu District, although the location is relatively biased, there is a good sexy underwear shop called Modal’s sexy underwear. The degree of diversity and cost -effectiveness is also the top in Yandu District.

10. Jianhu County

There is a shop in Jianhu County called a peach adult product shop. There are many sexy underwear in the store and complicated. People with different needs can find their favorite styles here.

in conclusion:

In summary, Lianyungang’s sexy underwear shops are not many, but it is distributed in different counties and cities. You can choose your favorite shopping location according to the location and actual needs of you.

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