Which district is Yiwu Interesting Underwear

Which district is Yiwu Interesting Underwear

Yiwu is the largest small commodity city in China and one of the largest domestic sexual products brands. Therefore, in which district is in which area of Yiwu sex underwear, you must first understand the division of Yiwu city.

Administrative Division of Yiwu City

The administrative division of Yiwu City is divided into six districts, namely thick urban areas, Shangyu District, Jiashan County, Tongxiang City, Haining City Heping Lake City.

Thick city

The thick city area is the central area of Yiwu City, a business, culture, education and administrative center, and one of the areas of the concentration of Yiwu sexy underwear.

Yiwu Interesting Underwear Area Distribution

Yiwu’s sexy underwear is mainly distributed in the commercial neighborhood area of thick urban areas, such as Yiwu International Trade City, Yiwu Commercial Street, Yiwu Small Commodity City, etc. These commercial neighborhoods have a large number of sexy underwear stores and brand stores.

Yiwu Intellectual Underwear Brand Store

In addition to the sexy underwear stores in the commercial neighborhood area, there are many sexy underwear brand stores in Yiwu City, such as the Hong Kong brand Mary Dajia, the love of the Japanese brand court, the Korean brand Liva, the American brand LV, etc. These brands are mainly concentrated in Yiwu International TradingCity, Yiwu Small Commodity City and other business districts.

Features of Yiwu Instead

The characteristics of Yiwu sex underwear are diverse styles, many styles, affordable prices, convenient transactions, and are popular with female consumers.

Sales characteristics of Yiwu sex underwear

The sales of Yiwu sex underwear are characterized by the more rich, better quality, and more affordable price of sexy underwear products in Yiwu.

The way of sales of Yiwu Spoowy underwear

In addition to the traditional physical store sales method, the sexy underwear in Yiwu City also adopts e -commerce sales methods, namely cross -border e -commerce and domestic e -commerce sales. Through the Internet’s remote sales of sexy underwear, the sales channels have been widened and the sales efficiency is improved.

The sexy underwear trend of Yiwu City

The trend of the sexy underwear market in Yiwu City is rapidly expanding and mature. It is expected that there will be a lot of sexy underwear brands in the Yiwu market in the next few years.


In general, Yiwu Interesting Underwear is centrally distributed in the commercial streets of thick city. It has a lot of sexy underwear stores and brand stores. It is characterized by diverse styles, affordable prices, rapid expansion, and broad market prospects in the future.

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