Which material is good for sex underwear

Which material is good for sex underwear

1. Cotton material

Cotton materials are the most common type in underwear.Cotton underwear is soft and comfortable, with good breathability, can absorb sweat, dampness, and not allergies. It is one of the most suitable materials for daily wear.

2. Lace material

Lace erotic underwear is unique and very sexy.The lace materials are soft and close, with good breathability and hygroscopicity, and less stimulation of the skin.However, because the lace tension is small, it may cause the underwear to deform or distort, and you need to pay special attention to washing.

3. Silk material

Silk is a very comfortable and soft material, which is very suitable for night sleep.However, silk erotic underwear is easier to wear and easily lead to static electricity. Pay attention to sun protection and care.

4. PU material

PU material is a relatively emerging artificial material, which has the characteristics of light texture, waterproof and oil -proof, and is suitable for the design of sexual and emotional and favorable underwear.However, PU materials often cause skin allergies, and you need to pay attention to choosing brands with relatively safe materials.

5. satin material

The satin material has a good gloss and feel, and it feels soft and elegant.Due to the small looseness of the satin, if the underwear is not suitable, it may cause wrinkles or exposure.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the selection of the size when choosing a satin sex underwear.

6. Fiber material

Various fiber materials such as elastic fibers, and spandex can be used for the design of sexual emotional fun underwear.These materials have excellent elasticity and retractability, and can effectively shape the figure.However, these materials are usually easy to deform and need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.

7. Net eye material

The mesh material has good breathability and is widely used in sexy underwear.However, due to the porous properties of the mesh, the elasticity of the underwear will be worse, and special attention needs to be paid to the choice of size and quality.

8. Leather material

Leather material is a special material in sexual emotional interest underwear.The texture of leather materials is unique and good in texture, and has high ornamental.However, leather materials are easy to wear and fade, and they need to pay special attention to maintenance and cleaning.

9. Plastic materials

Plastic material is a relatively easy -to -plastic material.It has excellent antioxidant and anti -aging and can be stored for a long time.However, plastic materials can cause a feeling of allergies and uncomfortableness, and you need to pay attention to choice.

10. Polyester material

Polyester material is a relatively common material that is suitable for the design of various sexual erotic lingerie.It has good durability and easy cleaning characteristics, and can also achieve good elasticity and breathability.

In general, what kind of erotic underwear is based on personal needs and special attention.No matter what material, it is even more important to choose a size and brand that suits you.Understanding the characteristics and precautions of materials is a very important step for buying sexy underwear.

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