Who invented sexy underwear

The history of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a unique design of underwear, which aims to increase the sexy charm of the pretender.This underwear has a variety of styles and is often used for couple interaction and personal entertainment.Although modern sexy underwear is common in society, do you know the history of sexy underwear?

18th century: the predecessor of sexy underwear

The pioneer of sexy underwear dates back to France in the 18th century.During this period, noble women’s underwear is often regarded as decorations, not functional items.These underwear often use gems, beads and other gorgeous ornaments.

Early 20th century: began

With the arrival of sexual liberation in the early 20th century, underwear began to appear as a manifestation of sexy and getting rid of restraint.The first batch of sexy underwear includes lace binding corset and lace stockings.These products make the pretender’s legs and waistline more sexy, emphasizing the body curve of the dressor.

1960s: Sex Revolution

In the sexual revolution in the 1960s, sexy underwear began to receive more attention.During this period, a suspender, hollow, lace and transparent underwear style, as well as sexy underwear similar to a suit.These styles are more teasing and sexy, and they have become more popular.

In the 1970s: Sexy Girl

In the 1970s, movies and television began to popularize.Various TV programs and movies often appear sexy heroines wearing sexy underwear.During this period, a half -cup -style sexy underwear and ultra -short suspenders also appeared. The design of these styles was more teasing and more exposed.

1980s: More choices

In the 1980s, different styles and materials of sexy underwear were increasing.Many new brands appeared during this period, such as Victoria’s secrets.The emergence of these brands has broken market monopoly and allows consumers to have more choices.

1990s to the present: a lot of innovation

In the 1990s, the materials and design of sexy underwear became more diverse.The emergence of new materials such as silk, satin and spandex makes sexy underwear more comfortable, soft and sexy.In addition, the comfort of the wearer has also become the focus of attention of designers and manufacturers.

Impact from Japan

In Japan, sexy underwear has been a popular dress since its early years.From peace -up to harmonious underwear, this country has been promoting the development of underwear.With the emergence of advanced technology, Japanese sexy underwear has attracted much attention with its innovation.

Influence of sexy underwear

Sex underwear has become a branch of the entire fashion industry.People can not only buy sexy underwear in the store, but also find a lot of styles and brands on online retailers.The influence of sexy underwear has continued to expand, and innovation has never stopped.

The future of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has a broader development prospect in the future.As technology continues to advance, manufacturers will have more advanced materials.In the future, sexy underwear will be closer to ergonomics, and the comfort will be further improved.At the same time, more diverse and rich designs and styles will continue to appear.

final conclusion

Although the history of sex underwear for hundreds of years, the development of this fashion industry is changing with each passing day.Through creative and innovative designs, sexy underwear continues to meet the needs of markets and consumers, and has become an important component in an industrial chain.

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