Who is the good underwear store?

1. Entry -level sexy underwear store recommendation

For those who want to try sex underwear, entry -level sexy underwear shops are a good choice.Such shops usually provide some sexy and relatively cheaper sexy underwear.

2. Boutique series of sexy underwear store recommendations

The boutique series of fun underwear stores pay more attention to style and design, and the price may be relatively high, but the originality and quality are guaranteed.If you have high requirements for face value and experience, you can consider this type of shop.

3. Women’s sexy underwear store recommendation

Women’s erotic underwear stores focus on women’s underwear, and there are many styles.At the same time, some drugs and condoms such as maintaining women’s private parts will be provided.

4. Men’s sexy underwear store recommendation

Men’s sexy underwear store offers male private underwear, with rich choices and styles.Provide some male maintenance supplies and auxiliary supplies that improve sexual blessing.

5. Recommended European and American sexy underwear stores

European and American sexy underwear stores are usually more fashionable and avant -garde, in line with the aesthetic taste and needs of the European and American markets.The price is relatively high, but the quality and design are guaranteed.

6. Recommendation of discount sex underwear shop

Some sexy underwear stores will also launch discount products, which is more advantageous.If you are more loose on the brand and style, you can choose these promotional information.

7. Recommended cross -border sex lingerie store

Some sexy underwear shops will import boutique products from overseas. In addition to diverse styles, they are more guaranteed in quality.However, you need to pay attention to the quality certificate when choosing to avoid buying inferior products.

8. Online sex lingerie store recommendation

Online sex lingerie stores are more convenient and fast, with more diverse products and promotional information.But if you buy online, you need to pay attention to the size and quality of the product.

9. Comparison of physical stores and online stores

Compared to online stores, physical stores can make you more intuitively feel the style and quality of sexy underwear.You can also get better suggestions and services from the clerk.But online stores have richer choices and more seductive prices.

10. Final recommendation

In general, choosing a sexy underwear store requires comprehensive consideration according to its own needs and budget conditions.Entry -level stores and discount stores are a better choice that can try and feel.However, if you want a higher quality and guaranteed design, it is recommended to choose boutique or cross -border stores. At the same time, physical stores and online stores have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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