Why is only girls who have fun underwear


In the sexual product market, sexy underwear is widely sold and promoted, but they seem to be targeted at female consumers.Why do men have no similar products?This issue deserves in -depth discussion.

History and cultural factors

The origin of erotic underwear can be traced back to the silk -wrapped breasts worn by prostitutes during the ancient Roman period, but the history and cultural factors of sexy underwear are closely related to female consumers.Because of the traditional gender role division of labor, women are usually given more regulations on clothing and appearance, while men are more affected by utilitarian and pragmatism.

Social expectation

Society also sets different expectations for men’s and women’s clothing and behavior.Women wearing beautiful underwear considers beauty and sexy, this behavior is accepted by society.But for men to wear the same items, they are considered unfair and immoral.

Male sex imagination

The stimulus and sexual imagination required by men is different from women, which is why sexy underwear is set only for women.Women can use different colors, materials, and styles to create a variety of different situations, but for men, they are more realized through visual stimuli.

Challenge of the male underwear market

On the other hand, the challenge of the male underwear market is also understandable.Due to cultural and historical factors, men usually pay more attention to practicality and comfort when wearing underwear, rather than pursue appearance and sexy.This has also limited the development of the men’s underwear market in the field of sexy underwear.

The influence of gender stereotypes

In addition, there is also the influence of gender stereotypes. Many men are unwilling to buy products that are regarded as women’s supplies because they are worried about their image and their identity.

Reflect of statistical data

Further statistics also confirmed this view.In recent years, the main growth of the sexy underwear market is still female consumers, and the market size of male consumers is relatively small.This also further reflects the impact of cultural and social factors on the sex underwear market.

Future trends

Nevertheless, the future development trend of the sex underwear market is still worth looking forward to.With the continuous changes in society and the continuous upgrading of cultural concepts, some new men’s underwear brands have begun to launch more sexy and more fashionable products to try to break the traditional gender stereotype.

in conclusion

Although the current sex underwear market is mainly based on female consumers, with the progress of society and the continuous upgrading of cultural concepts, we can foresee that in the near future, men will be able to open up their mentality to enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.

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