Who usually wear sexy underwear

Who usually wear sexy underwear

The first part: husband and wife couple

The most common target customer of sexy underwear is husband and wife couple.Sexy design and dramatic effects often make the sex life between husband and wife more exciting and interesting.For couples, this is a means to increase interest and interaction, so they are more willing to try all kinds of sexy underwear.In addition, if they are newlyweds, this sexy underwear can even add a sense of ritual to their marriage life.

Part 2: Single woman

Single women are also one of the audiences of sexy underwear.Because they do not have a stable sexual partner, these underwear may be the weapons of their hunting, which can easily mobilize their curves, enhance self -confidence, and enable them to gain more freedom.

Part 3: Bride

Interest underwear is not only useful in daily life. For brides, they can even add color to the wedding night on the wedding night.For the bride, sexy underwear is a way to convey their inner beauty and freedom, and even one of the most important preparations in the wedding.

Part 4: The nightclub is madly female

The sexy underwear also attracted the attention of the nightclub.These underwear is famous for being sexy, so women who are crazy and indulgent at nightclubs also like to wear them.Because they like to try new things and attract attention, this underwear is suitable for them.

Part 5: Women of menstruation

What’s more interesting is that some menstrual women also choose to wear sexy underwear.Women with menstrual pain and emotional fluctuations may increase their confidence and happiness and soothe their pressure.

Part 6: Sex worker

Of course, sex workers are also typical customers of sexy underwear.These underwear can not only make them more attractive, but also can be used as a way to promote and sell.

Part 7: Transformer enthusiasts

Variable enthusiasts also occupy a certain share in the sexy underwear market.They like to wear sexy underwear, dress themselves carefully, and match wigs, earrings, necklaces, etc., which allows them to be satisfied in role -playing and social activities.

Part 8: Sending Love Pose

Finally, sexy underwear can also be used for different sexual postures.For example, sexy underwear can keep women in bed in bed to make sexual life more exciting.Of course, this requires the right sexy underwear to achieve the best results.


In short, sexy underwear is widely used in people’s daily life, sexual life, entertainment activities and unconventional conditions.There are many people using sex underwear, and there are many types.However, no matter what type of people, the purpose of using sex underwear is to increase their confidence and happiness and improve their quality of life.

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