Why does sex underwear speak


Sexy underwear is a very popular type of underwear in modern fashion.Among them, mouth opening is one of the entry -level sexy underwear, which brings a different sexy experience to the wearer.But why do sex underwear need to be opened?This article will explore the reasons for the opening of interest underwear.

History and origin

The origin of the eloquence of sexy underwear is very early, which can be traced back to the middle of the eighteenth century.At that time, European artists and fashion designers began to add complex fabrics and lace designs to women’s underwear, including the opening of the mouth.This design helps to increase the sexyness of underwear and the charm of women, and thus becomes an indispensable fashion element at that time.

Promotion of sexy degree

The opening of the sexy underwear can expose some parts of the body, showing a little sexy.Everyone’s body lines are different, and sometimes women in specific parts of the body are more sexy and attractive.Therefore, the open -minded underwear exposes a certain degree of physical exposure to strengthen the overall sexuality.


Because of the existence of the mouth, compared to other types of sexy underwear, this style is more suitable for women of different figures.The opening can be tied in different parts, so that the body of the wearer is best displayed and optimized.The opening of the mouth can adapt to more types of figure and beauty.

Privacy and irritation

The opening of the sex underwear can bring a unique feeling to the wearer.Compared with other underwear, opening sexy underwear can provide irritating sexy touch, innovate the traditional sexy underwear design, and use the feeling of openness to enhance women’s personal sense and irritation.

Strengthen sexy elements

Interest underwear opening can not only increase sexy, but also give the wearer a sense of convenience and pleasure.At the same time, the opening can also be equipped with rich jewelry and decorative parts, such as lace, lace, buckle ring, etc. to add more sexy elements to open sexy underwear.

Break conventional design

In addition to the routine of the traditional underwear design, it brings fresh and different choices to women. The visual effects displayed by it can be more impressive and unforgettable.

Size design

Different figures and body shapes require different sizes. Adhering to each woman, they can show their style. The designers have also added innovative size. Whether they are tall and thin, they can find the right style.This is the immersion advantage of the sex underwear.

fashion elements

The opening of the sex underwear has become part of the trend, and its appearance is not due to accidents.The use of port opening places in many fashion shows and films has become a kind of creativity and returning to scarce sexy and beautiful.

Sexy freedom

Plus -opening sexy underwear has brought freedom to women.Wearing sexy underwear, women can enjoy sexy freedom alone. Such tranquility and warmth can only be obtained from the mouth of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In short, the opening of the sex underwear port is not only an innovation in the fashion industry, but also a return of sexy charm.It helps to improve the sexy and charm of women, suitable for various figures and sizes, and bring more freedom and stimulation to women.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to consider the sexy underwear opened.

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