Why don’t physical store sell sexy underwear

Why don’t physical stores sell sexy underwear?

As a new underwear market, sexy underwear is popular all over the world.Although online sales are already convenient, many people still choose to go to physical stores to buy underwear. So why do n’t physical stores sell sexy underwear?

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, artistic nature of women’s underwear. It is usually made of silk, weaving materials, transparent mesh and other materials. The design is diversified, covering a variety of types and character, which can be used to enhance sexy and attractive attractionsforce.The main function of sexy underwear is to reflect the sexy charm of women, bringing confidence, self -esteem and enjoyment to women.

The attitude of physical stores on the sex underwear market

Because of the unique function and role of sexy underwear, many people think that it is a sexual product and may bring some discomfort. Therefore, many physical underwear shops choose not to sell sex underwear.Due to the different social moral concepts and cultural backgrounds, the popularity of sexy underwear in different countries and regions is also different.

Does this affect consumers?

For those who are willing to buy, they cannot buy sexy underwear in physical stores will cause them inconvenient, because some consumers do not like to buy underwear online, or they are not familiar with the Internet shopping process, or I hope to be able to buy before buying.Try.

What is the pressure of public opinion in physical stores?

Another reason is that they are afraid of public opinion pressure. Because sexy underwear is regarded as a "vulgar" product, some underwear manufacturers and retailers may choose to sell sexy underwear in the physical store because of the pressure of public opinion.More importantly, most physical stores sell traditional, comfortable and conservative underwear. These underwear meet the behavioral standards of society and can be worn in any case.

The competitive pressure faced by physical stores

In addition, physical stores are also facing competitive pressure from the e -commerce industry. This is an emerging market, especially in the field of erotic underwear, and e -commerce companies usually have a broader distribution network than physical stores, which can be easier to easier to make it easierSales of sexy underwear, do not worry about public opinion pressure on online shopping, providing consumers with greater shopping convenience.

How do consumers solve this problem?

The problem faced by consumers is to find a physical store with sexy underwear.First, you can use a search engine to find a local underwear shop.Secondly, you can seek advice through social media or friends and family around you.However, due to the limited number of physical stores, there may be only a few underwear stores that sell such products in each region, so consumers still need to face a certain dilemma.

How to increase the number of sexy underwear in physical stores?

Due to the rapid development of the sexy underwear market and the increase in consumer demand, it is necessary to increase the number of sexy underwear in physical stores.This can be achieved by providing more information and more effective publicity.Sex underwear manufacturers and merchants can attract consumers’ attention and interest through shop window, promotional activities and advertisements.In addition, it is recommended to strengthen social education work to allow more people to understand the nature and functions of sexy underwear.

Future prospects of sexy underwear

The sexy underwear market is changing, and more and more people are beginning to realize the nature and function of sexy underwear, and gradually accept this underwear.With the change of social culture, the sexy underwear market may become larger and larger, and the number of physical stores selling sexy underwear may also increase.However, it should be noted that fun underwear is still a market that requires respect and understanding. Manufacturers and retailers must ensure the quality and transparency of the product and protect consumers’ rights and interests.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear has a strong natural attraction, physical stores are not suitable for selling this underwear, mainly because of social moral concepts and public opinion pressure.However, with the maturity of the sexy underwear market and the increase in consumer demand, the number of sex store sales in the future may increase.

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