Wife is derailed in sexy lingerie


Not long ago, I found that my wife began to wear sexy sexy underwear, so I questioned her.At first she denied any relationship with others, but under the chance of my chance, she discovered evidence of her derailment.It turned out that she talked, party, and even bed with other people wearing a sexy underwear.

The story behind sexy underwear

The erotic underwear is mostly made by designers based on human structure, which has united many elements such as artistic, fashionable, and sexy, so it is very popular.The wife wearing a sexy underwear is not to attract the attention of others, but to meet her own psychological needs.

Whether sexy underwear represents the level of sexual desire is open

Interest underwear is not a equipment that can only be used in the traditional sense that can only be used to seduce the opposite sex. It can also be used to increase self -confidence and satisfy their pursuit of beauty.Interest underwear does not mean the level of sexual desire, but a private decoration that can only be felt.

Whether the wife wears sexy underwear represents her betrayal of her partner

In fact, the wife wearing a sexy underwear and the derailment of people in bed represent her own behavior, and there is no direct connection with the erotic underwear itself.Therefore, sexy underwear should not be accused, and the only thing that needs to be investigated is the behavior of his wife.

How to deal with the derailment of his wife

When you find your partner derailed, your emotions need to be processed as soon as possible.After calm down, you need to communicate with your partner, find out the problem and find a solution.If you cannot get a honest response from your partner, you need to consider the help of professional institutions such as home consultation, psychologist.

How to avoid my wife from wearing sexy underwear derailment

Many times the problem in marriage is not because the wife wears sexy underwear, but because of the lack of communication and understanding between the two parties.Therefore, husbands and wives need to communicate frequently to strengthen the moisture of feelings.At the same time, in sexual life, you need to meet the needs of the other party and maintain the emotional interaction with your partner.

How to correctly look at sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an expression of beauty, and it is also a way for women to pass on confidence and sexy.Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different occasions and environments, and they can make women choose their own lifestyle more freely.We should correctly recognize sex underwear and abide by the moral bottom line between ourselves and others.

Interest underwear is not the culprit that leads to derailment

Interest underwear is a stylish, aesthetic and sexy expression, which is not the cause of derailment.The problem of my wife’s derailment is not due to the existence of sexy underwear, but because of marriage.Therefore, we should fundamentally find the reason for derailment, rather than simply blame the responsibility on sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Interest underwear does not mean betrayal, let alone be used as an excuse for betrayal.Husbands and wives need to respect each other, understand each other, find out the root cause of the problem in communication, and seek a suitable solution.Interest underwear should be given the attributes of artistic, fashionable and sexy, making them a manifestation of women’s confidence and beauty, not a tool for critical and accusations.

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