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Wife Light Fun Planet

In our lives, sexy underwear has become more and more common, especially at romantic moments or special occasions. A set of sexy sexy underwear can not only make the interest more full, but also add romance to the husband and wife.My wife has just started a few sets of sexy underwear recently, which makes our lives more colorful.Today I will tell you about my experience and views.

Choose and prepare

Before buying sexy underwear, ask yourself to wear relevant information, such as your own body shape and style, so as to buy a sexy underwear that can better show your curve.When choosing, it is best to go to the physical store to try it out to better feel the texture and size.In addition, before buying, it is recommended to carefully check which accessories included in the entire underwear, such as straps, stockings, gloves, etc.

Style and style

The style and style of sexy underwear varies from person to person.Some people may prefer to expose their sexy charm, while others cannot accept too exposed.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you must not only consider your body and facial characteristics, but also the personality of yourself and his spouse, as well as the event occasion.

Color and material

The material and color of sexy underwear are also very important.In terms of choosing underwear, it is recommended to choose more sexy colors, such as black, purple, red, and fancy pattern underwear.However, for people of different ages, the preferences for color are also different.In terms of materials, it is recommended to choose breathable and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc.

Accessories and skirts

The accessories and skirts of sexy underwear are also very important.In some erotic underwear of some flowers and gauze, with some lace or transparent bellybands, stockings or straps, your entire style will make your entire style more chic.In addition, some beautiful underwear can make your appearance more perfect.

Match and occasion

When choosing sexy underwear, consider matching and occasions.If you are used to wear in your family, you can choose some more casual styles, mainly for comfort and freedom.But if you participate in some formal occasions, you must choose some more exquisite underwear and match the appropriate jewelry accessories to show your charm more fully.

Maintenance and storage

Different brands and styles of sexy underwear are also different in maintenance and storage.It is recommended to fold it and put it in the cabinet when storing underwear. Remember to clean it and store it to prevent bacteria from breeding.When washing, choose the appropriate washing solution according to different materials and do not touch high temperature water, so as not to make the underwear lose shape and elasticity.

The meaning of sexy underwear

In the end, I want to talk about the meaning of sexy underwear to the life of husband and wife.For men, sexy underwear can stimulate their visual needs and can also help them maintain their sexual interest.For women, the choice of underwear should not just make men happy, but also for themselves, because it can make itself more confident and feminine.For husbands and wives, the payment and investment of sexy underwear will make your relationship closer, romantic, and make your life more colorful.

The above is my opinion and experience of sexy underwear. I hope to bring some help to everyone.It is not only a tedious dress, but also an important item that can show my charm and enhance interest.

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