Woman wearing fun underwear to go out

How to wear sex underwear?It is about the comfort and sexuality of women, and it is more related to the grasp of its own image.So, what are the places to pay attention to when wearing fun underwear in women?

1. Select the sexy underwear of high -quality materials

In order to prevent uncomfortable phenomena such as underwear scraping and skin skin, it is necessary to choose flexible underwear fabrics.High -quality erotic underwear materials should be in line with the characteristics of comfort, breathability, wearing resistance, easy care, so that women can enjoy a comfortable feeling while paying attention to beauty.

2. Avoid too tight underwear

Many women choose erotic underwear, in order to better shape the body lines, they will choose too tight styles.However, the tight underwear will have an excessive constraint on the body structure, and even causes limited blood circulation, causing physical discomfort. Therefore, you must pay attention to the appropriate size when choosing a sexy underwear.

Third, matching should be matched

In addition to the sexy sexy underwear, it also needs to be properly matched in order to play a better role.You can choose to wear your clothes to make you full of mystery and sexy atmosphere, and also show the charming side of women.

4. Different underwear is required at different occasions

There are also sequences of sexy underwear choices in different occasions.For example, it is not advisable to be too sexy underwear in the office and public places, and you can use more gorgeous and sexy sexy underwear in dating, celebrations, and important occasions to make yourself more decent on different occasions.

5. Avoid exposure

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to avoid choosing an easy -to -expose style. It is very dangerous to go out to go out and other occasions. It can not only cause discomfort from others, but also adversely affect its own image.

6. Pay attention to the branches of the bra

The most important thing about sexy underwear is the matching of underwear, especially the matching method of the bra. It not only affects the overall beauty of the underwear, but also affects women’s wear experience and health.Therefore, when choosing clothing, the bras must be done as a very critical step.

7. Pay attention to underwear clean

Underwear is an item that is closely connected to the body, so it is important to clean and disinfect.Pay attention to hand washing or choose a soft liquid cleaner in the washing machine to clean the sexy underwear to ensure important hygiene quality.

8. Cooperate with your body

Women of different bodies should choose the right style.For the body parts of the bust and hips, the five cup types are roughly divided into five cups of A, B, C, D, and E. The adjustment of small details is also very important. It can avoid the impact on the body and highlight their advantages.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is undoubtedly the best in women’s underwear. It can not only bring a variety of feelings such as sexy, romantic, charming, but also help to broaden women’s inner world.However, when wearing sexy underwear, it is necessary to match the suitable style according to different occasions, pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear, and create a beautiful quality of life for yourself.

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