Worship of Funny Underwear

Title: Worship Fun Platform

Interest underwear is a unique underwear category. Its design takes sexy and special effects as its main purpose.For those who like to try new things, sexy underwear is definitely a must -have.Next, let ’s take a look at the different types and characteristics of sexy underwear with me.

1. Stockings sexy underwear

For many people, stockings are very sexy and attractive.The design of stockings in stockings is diverse, some of which may include open crotch design, which emphasizes women’s curves and sexy legs.

2. Back strap -style sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is characterized by a wide and soft shoulder strap support instead of tights.They are usually made of elastic materials that enable them to adapt to many different body shapes and figures.

3. Leather sexy underwear

Leather sex lingerie is usually sexy and wild.Many people may think that they are too special, but at some point, these sexy underwear does have a good effect.They not only show some special parts of the human body, but also emphasize the beauty of some aspects.

4. Lace’s Instead underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a sexy, exquisite, translucent underwear, and often uniforms the sexy and sexy of women.They usually have delicate patterns and handmade hooks to make them look more advanced.

5. Open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch erotic underwear is designed to crack in critical parts, showing sexy.These underwear are often composed of many small components, including suspenders, rods, hooks and fluffy sticks.

6. Step sexy underwear

The characteristics of pads are characterized by making women fuller and sexy.These underwear may include upper, lower underwear and bra to give women’s chest balance and shape.Some erotic underwear even with inner pads can greatly increase the charm of the chest.

7. Embroidery Instead underwear

Embroidered lingerie is usually composed of beautiful and unique paragraphs, details and patterns.They have a certain overlap with lace sexy underwear, but because they use a variety of colors and more complex structures, many people think that these sexy underwear is more chic.

8. Conjoined sexy underwear

Even body clothes are tights that cover the whole body and including thighs.Its parts can be limited, involving the corresponding part of the required, or more comprehensive, covering most of the body.They usually use compressed materials to shape the size and shape of the body.

9. Large -scale sexy underwear

In real life, many people will have their own unusual shape, and the designers of sex underwear also consider this, so now sometimes different body can also wear exquisite, special, and sexy underwear.

10. Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings erotic underwear is a bit similar to stockings, but they are much shorter and mainly involve feet.They are often used with some sexy high -heeled shoes, emphasizing women’s calf lines.

In short, sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that emphasizes sexy and unique effects, with various styles.They usually use special design and materials to encourage personal creativity and sense of humor.Whether you want to show a certain position (such as a chest) or a little skin -bold attempt, sexy underwear is part of the diversification and richness of human life.

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